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Amedeo Ariano

Born in Salerno in 1967, Amedeo has soon developed a passion for music which allowed him to become a drummer and self-taught percussionist. He is strongly present in the roman artistic scene, and it is widely considered one of the best Italian jazz drummers. At the early age of 14, he was hired by a local TV ‘Telesud’ as band leader for a musical show over the period of two years. Subsequently, he collabored with his father as a radio speaker for the local ‘Salernitan Gulf Radio’. When he was 19, he attended some specialisation courses in Perugia, held by the prestigious American Berklee College of Music during Umbria jazz festival.  He taught both pop and jazz drums courses at National Accademy Setticlavio of Salerno, directed by M° Matteo Iannone, from 1992 to 1996. Currently, he is the national director of AIPS ( National Association of perfoming arts professionals). In the past, he has created and directed the International Jazz and Blues Festival of Alburni Mountains. Additionally, he has been president and artistic director of Musicart Association, as well as musical councellor for Rome EmerJazz Festival and artistic director of International Festival called ‘Oh, Jazz be Good’ held in Teramo. After moving to Rome in 1992, his performing activity increased exponentially.

During the years, he has collaborated with world-known international musicians such as: Johnny Griffin, James Moody, George Coleman, Benny Golson, Sonny Fortune, Bobby Watson, Richie Cole, Jesse Davis , Steve Grossman, David Murray, Gorge Garzone,, Ronnie Cuber, Larry Schneider, Sherman Irby, Larry Smith, David Binney,  Tommy Smith, Kirk Lightsey, Mulgrew Miller,  , Cedar Walton , Olivier Hutman, James Hurt , John Faddis, Tom Harrel, Conte Candoli, Jim Rotondi, Carl Fontana, Joseph Alessi, Tom Kirkpatrik, Jimmy Hovens, David Lewis, Tony Scott, Claudio Roditi, Bireli Lagrene,  Buky Pizzarelly,  Philip Caterine, Tony Remi, Alain Jean Marie, Mike Mainieri, Toots Thielemans, Tony Levin, Chris Thomas,   Gal Costa,  Rosalia de Souza,  Ana Flora.Nick the Nightfly, Shara Jane Morris,  New York Voice,  Joy Garrison, Shown Monteiro, Joyce Yuille,  Denise King,  Vanessa Rubin He has also played with prominent Italian jazz musicians, among which one can mention: Enrico Rava, Nunzio Rotondo, Romano Mussolini, Lino Patruno, Guido Pistocchi, Gianni Basso, Dino Piana, Umberto Fiorentino, Fabrizio Bosso, Marco Tamburini, Fabio Zeppetella, Fabio Mariani, Pietro Condorelli, Eddy Palermo, Rocco Zifarelli,  Bebo Ferra, Pietro Tonolo, Max Ionata, Maurizio Gianmarco,  Massimo Urbani,  Francesco Cafiso,, Mattia Cigalini, Robert Bonisolo,  Julian Oliver Mazzariello,Stefano Sabatini,  Dado Moroni, Antonio Faraò, Antonello Vannucchi,  Massimo Faraò, Stefano Calzolari, Riccardo Biseo , Antonio Ciacca, Andrea Pozza, Franco Ambrosetti, Franco Cerri, Massimo Moriconi,  Francesco Puglisi, Sandro, Dario e Alfonso Deidda, Giovanni Amato, Daniele Scannapieco, Nicola Stilo, Piero Odorici, Jerry Popolo, Francesco Bearzatti, Javier Girotto, Carlo Atti, Dino Rubino,  Pippo Matino, , Giorgio Rosciglione, Luciano Milanese, Dario Rosciglione, Ares Tavolazzi, Luca Bulgarelli, Stefano Senni, Paolino Dalla Porta, Giovanni Mazzarino , Riccardo Arrighini, Massimo Faraò, Riccardo Biseo, Claudio Colasazza, Giovanni Tommaso , Flavio Boltro, Luciano Milanese, Gabriele Mirabassi, Enzo Pietropaoli,,Max Ionata, Stefano Di Battista,  Danilo Rea, Alex Britti, Gegè Telesforo,  Roberta Gambarini, Maria Pia de Vito, Francesca Sortino, Roberto Giglio. Chiara Civello,  Rosario Giuliani, Enrico Pieranunzi and many more. He has been part of Salerno Jazz Orchestra where he has been playing with high-caliber artists such as Tom Harrel, New York Voice and Roberta Gambarini. His musical versatility has enabled him to play various music genres, ranging from jazz, blues, funky to pop music.

From 1992 to today, he has played in all the most important jazz festivals held in Italy and abroad: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Moscow, Kiev, Ankara, Zurich, Malta, Barcelona, Vienna, Amsterdam, Instanbul, Cairo, Alexandria, Cracow, Paris, London, Shanghai, Seul.

As soon as he moved to Rome in 1992, he immediately started to create a very strong artistic bond with Tony Scott, who is considered – along with Buddy De Franco – the best jazz clarinetist ever. The two will collaborate up until 2007, when Tony Scott would pass away.

In 1996, Adriano joined the gospel band ‘Voices of Glory’ headed by Masa Mbatha Opasha. During the same year, the group, to which Harold Bradley baritono, Annette Meriwether and Jho jhennki belonged, released ‘Thank you Lord’. That CD would be distributed all over the world by Paoline Edition. In 1997, Ariano recorded an album with the great Americna saxophonist, Larry Schneider, titled ‘Live at Jazz on the Coast’ and distributed by Splasc(H) Record. In 1998, Ariano was hired by the American saxophonist Larry Smith in order to record an album, ‘Summer’, distributed by Label Blue Jazz. In 2001 another album in collaboration with Larry Schneider is released. It is called ‘Lemon Lips’ and distributed by Splasc(H) Record. In 1999, Ariano met Sergio Cammariere, a talentous pianist, signer and composer. Since then, the two have been collaborating on 8 recorded albums over 18 years, which led them to have concerts in italy and abroad together. In 2003, Sergio Cammariere won the third prize at National Music Festival ‘Sanremo’ thanks to the song ‘Tutto quello che un uomo’, played by Amedeo Ariano, Luca Bulgarelli and Fabrizio Bosso. It then received the ‘Critics’ award’, as well as ‘Tenco Award’, ‘Imaie Award’, ‘Best composition award’, ‘De Andrè award’, ‘Best Live Concert award’, Carosone Award’ and two platinum CDs.

In 2005, Ariano joined Sanremo Festival again; this time, his song ‘Che mistero è l’amore’ was awarded first prize.  Following this success, Ariano was added to the Italian light music enciclopedia. Ariano has also played for one of the greatest Italian songwriters, Lucio Dalla, during his european tour ‘Dalla in jazz’. He also played with the Genovese songwraiter, Bruno Iauzi, in his jazz project with Riccardo Biseo and Giorgio Rosciglione. Finally, he collaborated with Renzo Arbore in many occasions, for instance: Solinas Award in 1997, Rai International in 2001.  In 2005, together with Dario Deidda, he formed a music band, ‘Salerno Liberty City BAND’, which includes every world-famous musicians coming from Salerno.

In 2005, the first ‘Salerno Liberty City Band’ CD is released by Emi Music label. In 2007, Ariano participated in a special event dedicated to Sergio Endrigo, where he played with Gianni Morandi, Sergio Cammariere, Renato Zero and Morgan. The event will be recorded and distributed through an album called ‘Ciao Poeta’. In 2008, Ariano participated in Sanremo Music Festival for the third time with Sergio Cammariere’s song ‘L’amore cannot be explained’. In 2009 he recorded the song ‘Prima era prima’ by Daniele Silvestri, which will then be used as soundtrack for a famous TV series.  In 2010 he recorded the song titled ‘Three’ by Chiara Civiello, from Album ‘7752’. Since 2010, he collaborates permanently with two nationally and internationally known artists: Gegè Telesforo and Nick the Nightfly. With the former he would make an album called ‘So Cool’, whereas with the latter he recorded ‘Nice One’ Album.                                         

In 2010, he recorded an album with Olen Cesari, an Albanian violinist, titled ‘Unexpected’ and featuring artists like Lucio Dalla, Sergio Cammariere, Massimo di Cataldo, Tony Levin.

During 2010, Ariano represented italian jazz at Shanghai Expo along with two bands: ‘Roman trio’ and ‘Gegè Telesforo So Cool quintet’. In 2011, Ariano was hired by trumpeter Enrico Rava and his quintet composed of Julian Mazzariello, Dario Deidda and Dino Piana. In 2012, he represented Italian jazz once again at Yeosu,South Korea, on occasion of the Universal Exposition, together with Danilo Rea and Giovanni Tommaso. In 2013, he recorded an album with Joseph Alessi, New York Philharmonic, titled ‘Caliente’. In 2015, he recorded saxophonist Enzo Anastasio’s debut album featuring Fabrizio Bosso, Massimo Moriconi, as well as american musicians such as guitarist Adam Rogers and saxophonist Eric Marienthal.          

In 2016, Ariano recorded Sergio Cammariere’s new album, featuring a great Italian songwriter called Gino Paoli, for ‘Music park’ label.                                                                     

Since 2009, Amedeo Ariano has been an official sponsor of American prestigious brand Gretsch Drums. Since 2010, Amedeo has taught jazz drumming at reknown Music Academy, Percentomusica, in Rome.Since January 2017, Ariano has been teaching jazz drumming at Conservatorio ‘Licinio Refice’, in Frosinone (RM).                                                                                                                                              

Danilo Rea

Danilo Rea is an Italian jazz pianist. Born in Vicenza, Italy in 1957. He is a graduate of the Santa Cecilia music conservatory in Rome. He made his debut with the "Trio di Roma" (with Roberto Gatto and Enzo Pietropaoli) in 1975. Rea has performed with, among others, Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Steve Grossman, Phil Woods, Art Farmer, Curtis Fuller and Kenny Wheeler.[2] He is widely sought after in pop music, and has performed with Mina, Domenico Modugno, Pino Daniele, Riccardo Cocciante and Gianni Morandi.[2] He participated as a solo artist in 1989 in "Requiem for Pierpaolo Pasolini" by Roberto De Simone at the Teatro San Carlo in Napoli.

Fabio Zepetella

Fabio Zeppetella is one of the most talented guitar players and italian composers come out from today’s international but also european jazz scene. Great technique and high musical sensibility, he has got a personal own language come out by a research through his own style of playing, which he developed during the years. All this, passing through the jazz tradition made out by incredibile musicians and composers such as Charlie Christian and Wes Montgomery, evocating Bebop and the younger sixties Hard-Bop. His phrasing leads to dominant aspects of a never expected language, sometimes virtuoso, some other times sweet , but essentially pure, paying particular attention to the meaning of every single note he plays , besides the moving frequences produced by them. His dominant characteristics are the freshness and the strenght of his original way of interpretating music, and a deep research of lyrism where poetry and music melt up. His dymanism brought him to take place on several projects, from jazz to funk and R’n B. During his career he has played with artists such as Kenny Wheeler (cd Moving lines 1995 DDQ) Lee Konitz, Tom Harrell (cd The auditorium session 2008 PdM), Enrico Rava (cd Spirit, energy, presence Braveartrecords 2005); Paolo Fresu (cd Greetings from Pozzuoli Challenge 1998), Aldo Romano and Danilo Rea (cd Jobim variations Universal 2009), Emmanuel Bex and Roberto Gatto (cd A tribute to Wes Montgomery 1998 Philology and cd No clue Braveartrecords 2010), Steve Grossman, Javier Girotto, Nicola Stilo, Stefano Bollani, Rosario Giuliani, Fabrizio Bosso, Gegè Telesforo (cd Love and other contraddictions Groovemaster edition 2007), Stefano Di Battista, Maurizio Giammarco, Gianluca Petrella, Fabrizio Sferra, Aaron Goldberg; Greg Hutchinson, Ramberto Ciammarughi, Heyn Van De Geyn, Peter Bernstein and many others.

Massimo Moriconi

Born in Rome in 1955 , Massimo started playing the bass when he was 13. After studying classical music at the ”L. Refice” conservatory in Frosinone he started an intense activity as a side man with famous Italian and international groups. From his first experience with pioneers of Italian jazz like Marcello Rosa, Romano Mussolini, Armando Trovajoli, Nicola Arigliano, Lelio Luttazzi, M.M.’s career has gone on accelerating: unforgettable musical partnerships, both on tour and in the studio, include names of the calibre of: Sestetto Valdambrini/ Piana - Saxes Machine - Trio E. Pieranunzi - F. D’ Andrea - Tullio de Piscopo - Isoritmo - Gianni Basso - R. Sellani duo – Eddy Palermo Trio - Dado Moroni - Massimo Urbani - Tankyo band- R. Fassi quartet - Flavio Boltro - Paolo Fresu - E. Rava - Maurizio Giammarco quartet - D. Rea - G. Coscia - G. Tommaso Big band - Marcello Rosa - Romano Mussolini - Lelio Luttazzi - Armando Trovajoli sextet - Aldo Romano - Nicola Arigliano quartet - Gianni Coscia.. He has collaborated, both in concert and on disc, with foreign jazz musicians such as: L. Konitz -J. Griffin - P. Woods - R. Briant - T. Farlow - B. Brookmayer - M. Louis - J. Newman - K. Clarke - S. Nistico - B. Bailey - B. Freeman - C. Baker - P. Hutcho - A. Zoller - B. Clayton - B. Butterfield - J. Owens - H. Singer - K. Davern - P. Candoli - V. Ponomarev - G. Bertoncini - D. Goigowic - F. Ambrosetti - Don Moye - B. Smith - M. Melillo - B. Cobham - S. Grossman - U. Green - T. Tielemans - B. Auger - B. Kessell - A. Sheep - O. Parlan - S. Turré - Ralph Towner - L. Tabakin - B. Moover - G. Smulyan - K. Wheler –etc From 1980 to 1989 he was the bassist with the Orchestra dei ritmi leggeri della RAI (Italian television) di Roma. In this period he played with real legends such as Jerry Lewis (Italian Tour 1984), Mirelle Matieu, Liza Minnelli etc., under the baton of conductors like B. Canfora - G. Ferrio - P. Calvi - R. Pregadio etc.

He has recorded film music with world famous composers and conductors such as E. Morricone - A. Trovajoli - L. Bachalov - R. Ortolani - N. Piovani - P. Piccioni etc. He has an extremely active life as a side man in the studio (he has recorded about 300 CDs); he has made 4 discs as the leader of the band : “Bass in the sky” with E. Pieranunzi and B. Biriaco - “Full” with M. dei Lazzaretti, F. Ventura, C. Pizzale, M. Carrano, E. Gentile - “Trio & guests” with M. Giammarco, O. Valdambrini, S. Sabatini, C. Mastracci, F. Ventura, G. Ascolese – In January 2001 “D’ improvviso” came out for MBO distribution CGD with guest stars such as: Mina, Concato, P. Woods, E. Marienthall, D. Rea, E. Bandini,Sellani,Ambrosetti etc... Amongst his most stable collaborations the most outstanding are: MINA (he has been the bassist on all her recordings since 1983) and with Fabio Concato (since 1993). In 1995 he was voted the best double-bass and electric bass in the studio for Guitar Club. In 1996 he was voted the best Jazzfusion bassist for “Chitarre” magazine.


AydIn Esen

Randy Esen

Aydin Esen has always been appraised as a keyboards player/composer and creator of the new ultimate sound-beauty. Followed by many musicians, artists and critics of our present times. His relentless pursuit towards the future in the highends of the sound cosmos with that met iculous care and attention to detail and the sense of flow that all are connected with an unmatched great touch magically in sync with midblowing compositions/writings reminding us the great masters of history, but way beyond all of them surely. He has enormous influence on the young generation of musicians and artists. Regarded so highly in the contemporary art/ music scene by all. Was born into a musical family. His trumpeter father gave him first lessons before he went into the istanbul conservatory in mid 60s. Grove up with all kinds of music around - from classical/ traditional to pop and his favorite always, the modern/ contemporary/jazz fusion. favorite always, the modern/ contemporary/jazz fusion. Started giving concerts at a very young age in his childhood. He is 1st prize winner of many competitions throughout the world. Started touring the world while in teens. After complet ing his studies in istanbul at the conservatory where he went for about 10 years, piano and composition, started when he was 5. Later on went studying conducting in Oslo.  Got invi- tations for concerts and teachings from everywhere after leaving istanbul. Studied in Norway, Holland and England during his europe years. Went to Berklee College by Gary Burton' s invitation in 1983. Moved to USA around then where he lived for about 15 years, in New York City. He finished the Berklee School in just a year and awarded the honorary artist diploma for the first time in the history of the school. His playing and writing skills are tightly connected with magical sense of things that he has that puzzled many. In the early90s, he was called and signed with Columbia Records. early90s, he was called and signed with Columbia Records. Continued recording with many other major labels and simply, he changed the name of the music game to e[sen]-sound that world adore after him.

Countless other achievements also that he made in the new electronic music world where he resides, it feels, in his heart, without stating out loud. He loved electronics and living with them and creating new sounds from nothing from the early age on. Composed for electronic sounds with or without acoustical players didn't matter much because he treats the all the same just like any soundmaking- thing and he believes that the electronics is just and extension of past and a huge must. In one of his recent CD releases ' light years' showed the world where it's at. these somewhat hidden music of Esen from the 80s and 90s. Critically acclaimed other releases, like, "timescape" and the 'living”,  many studio sessions and live concerts with giants like Miroslav vitous, Vinnie Colaiuta, Eddie Gomes, Marcello Pellitteri, Woody Shaw, Woody Shaw, Peter Erskine, Dave Holland, Pat Metheny, Randy K., Anthony Jackson, Tommy Campbell, Bob Moses, Jon Faddis, Stanley Clarke, Dave Liebman, Steve Smith, Dave Bargeron, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Milton Babbitt, Kenwood Dennard, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Michel Portal, Bob Mintzer, Weather Report, Baron Browne, Daniel Humair, Kai Eckhardt, Ranjit Barot and lots of othe musicians and contemporary jazz/modern ensembles. Personality and humble attitude comes with an immense knowledge of musical art…… A great example for next generations……great taste in music. Esen shows utmost respect to others and shows all the secrets of the new sound dimens ions to hi s students in the world. A true ikon of modesty and one of the great silent master musicians of all times… it's the natural flow of everything that Aydin cares deeply for ..found the ultimate balance in sound that the ultimate balance in sound that he believes could only be unique if treated as one music with no divisions of styles and things…..Concerns himself more with the inner beauty in sound cosmos rather than the looks. We recently caught Aydin Esen in an interview in NYC and he was expressing… “All I'm trying to do is to bridge our times toward to the next - we are already blessed with the beautiful sound of the past and of course, the recent achievements in music and all arts leave us humbled - and I believe in connecting with all universe putting our hearts out with such feel and the awareness of knowing to need, more ….”

Paolo Damiani

Damianiis a composer, conductor, cellist, double bass player and teacher. Born in Rome , he took a degree in architecture, composition and double bass. He studied with, amongst others, Bruno Tommaso, Giorgio Gaslini, Giuseppe Selmi, Frances Marie Uitti, Lucio Buccarella and Giorgio Pani; and currently is head of the Jazz Department of the Rome Conservatorio di “Santa Cecilia”. He has collaborated with innumerable celebrated musicians, including: Pat Metheny, Kenny Wheeler, Albert Mangelsdorff, Billy Higgins, Antony Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Gianluigi Trovesi, John Surman, Charlie Mariano, Miroslav Vitous, Trilok Gurtu, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Louis Sclavis, Anouar Brahem, François Jeanneau and Giorgio Gaslini, with whom he made his debut. He has formed and conducted various ensembles and appeared at important festivals the world over. Amongst Italian groups mention must be made of the Italian Instabile Orchestra - held by the music press to be one of the most prestigious Jazz orchestras in Europe -   the duo with Danilo Rea, and ensembles formed withGianluigi Trovesi, Rosario Giuliani,  Rita Marcotulli, Fabio Zeppetella, Diana Torto, Michele Rabbia and others. He has also performs regularly with writers and actors, including Stefano Benni, Ivano Marescotti, David Riondino, Sonia Bergamasco, Fabrizio Gifuni and Lella Costa.  From 2000 - 2002 he was Artistic and Music Director of the ONJ, the Orchestra Nazionale Francese di Jazz , the first and only foreigner to have occupied the post. From 1996 - 2000 he was President of the AMJ. (the National Jazz Musicians’Association). From 1982 - 2012 he directed the Festival Internazionale Rumori Mediterranei di Roccella Jonica and was awarded honorary citizenship by the town in 2005. Since 1998 he has been running, with Armand Meignan, the Rome festival, Una Striscia di Terra Feconda.

He has created various highly original music and arts projects: in 2013, in response to a request from the Teatro di Puccini in Florence and with the MUIR (Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’ Università e della Ricerca), he founded the ’Orchestra Nazionale Jazz Giovani Talenti, made up of 30 of the best musicians selected from the Italian Conservatoires. In 2006 he was nominated Coordinator of the National Committee for applied music teaching, with Professor Luigi Belinguer presiding. In 2007 he was elected to the CNAM (Consiglio Nazionale per l’Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale), a supervisory body of the MUIR. In 2009 he was awarded the honorary title Cavaliere by the President of the Italian Republic, in recognition of his artistic merit.  He has made recordings with ECM, EGEA, ENJA, SPLASC(H), LEO, MUSICA JAZZ. In 2008 his CD Al tempo che farà (Egea Records) was chosen as Best Recording of the Year by the periodicals Musica Jazz, Jazz Magazine and Musica & Dischi. In 2011 he won the Best Composer of the Year TOP JAZZ prize conferred by the monthly magazine Musica Jazz. In 2013 his Composition and Improvisation Handbook was published by Volonté Ed. 

Sara Jane Ceccarelli

Sara Jane’s father is a pianist and at three years old, she began studying piano with Japanese teacher, Setzuko Murata.  After 10 years of classical studies, adolescence brought with it a refusal to continue playing piano. She began singing at age 16 more for fun than anything else. In 2001, she began performing in duo with her brother Paolo, guitarist and composer. At first, the duo was inspired by Joe Pass and Ella Fitzgerald, as well as by acoustic duo Tuck & Patty. They re-arranged and brought their own personal style to Jazz, Soul, Brazilian, and International Pop classics performing at a number of important venues such as Casa del Jazz and Villa Celimontana in Rome, the Terracina Jazz Fest, and many others. In 2006, she completed her Master’s in Communication Sciences at the University of Perugia, as well as three post-graduate courses. She won a scholarship to study English in Cambridge UK for four months and during this time she performed weekly with a local band. In 2007, she joined the all-female vocal quartet Le Core, making it to the finals at the Musicultura Song Festival (formerly Premio Recanati) in 2009.

That same year she met Maestro Bruno De Franceschi who completely overturned her approach to music and body movement on stage. She widened her horizons and from the simplest form of a “musical concert”, she went on to embrace “musical theatre” from an actor’s viewpoint as well. She was inspired by some of the great artists such as Ute Lemper, Milva, Charles Axnavour, Jacques Breil, and Melina Mercouri. In 2012, Sara Jane moved to Rome and began her studies at the Conservatory Santa Cecilia. She began a personal study of the interpretation of music from various cultures. She sings in the original languages: Cape Verdean morna, Brazilian samba and choro, tango, Balkan popular music, the French chanson, Italian classics, and last but not least Blues & Jazz, which represent her true origins. She currently sings in more than 10 different languages.

In 2014, she began performing with the MED FREE ORKESTRA (iCompany) and took part with them in the 1° Maggio Concert in Rome in 2015 and 2016. She was a member of the ORCHESTRA NAZIONALE JAZZ GIOVANI TALENTI (Young Talents National Jazz Orchestra) conducted by Maestro Paolo Damiani; and she has been working on a number of musical theatre projects in particular with David Riondino. She performed in 4 re-acts of the Flauto Magico in the part of Pamina with the ORCHESTRA DI PIAZZA VITTORIA. She had a prominent role in 2 docufictions directed by Vanessa Tonnini and Marco Guelfi. She was backup singer on Francesco De Gregori’s latest CD released on October 30, 2015, “Amore e Furto – De Gregori sings Bob Dylan”. She was cast as a non-professional dancer in the Missoni TV advertisement directed by Paolo Sorrentino that aired at the end of 2015.

She has had the honour of performing on stage with many great artists including: David Riondino, Natalio Luis Mangalavite, Monica Demuru, Erri De Luca, Claudio Santamaria, Paolo Briguglia, Gino Castaldo, Mario Tronco, Paolo Damiani, Eugenio Bennato, Andrea Satta of the Tetes de Bois, Fabrizio Bosso, Gabriele Mirabassi, Roberto Taufic, Francesco Bolo Rossini, Enrico Rava, Rosario Giuliani, and many others. She studied singing with Cristina Zavalloni, Maria Pia De Vito, and Eleonora Bruni. She teaches Singing at Percentomusica in Rome directed by M° Massimo Moriconi..

Yesim Pekiner

A graduate of Boğaziçi University undergraduate and masters degreein political science, Pekiner started her studies on music and classical singing during high school and university years under Prof.Dr. Yıldız Dağdelen. In the following years she took part in ”Boğaziçi University Classical Music Choir” and ”Ladies and Gentlemen Musical Choir” as soloist and also as choir member. Yeşim started singing jazz 6 years ago. She took lessons from Sibel Köse and Randy Esen, and she participated in workshops held by Sheila Jordan, Amy London and Kevin Mahogany. She’s been an active performer in the recent years, being on the stages of best venues of Istanbul. The band has a repertoire of songs ranging from jazz standards to Brazilian music, from funk to French music. Yesim’s colorful and lively voice extends from lower to higher tunes expressing her “joie de vivre” in swing, cha cha and samba as well as softness and romance in ballad and bossa songs. As one of the founding members of Bahçeşehir University jazz programs, Yeşim is the director of the Bahçeşehir University Jazz Academymasters in jazz performance and composition recently opened under Bahçeşehir University Jazz Academy in collaboration with audio engineering masters program. She gave the Jazz Academy opening concert in Hollywood together with Baki Duyarlar and leading musicians from Los Angeles as the guest of Turkish Consulate General in Los Angeles. She has also been giving courses in vocal technique and jazz repertoire within historical style analysis. Yeşim Pekiner has been awarded Leader Woman Award in Arts by Turkish University Women Foundation for her contributions to jazz education in Turkey.

Baki Duyarlar

Baki Duyarlar, was born in 1967, Istanbul. After elementary school, he was enrolled as a fulltime student in Istanbul State Conservatory, Cello Department. He was the student of both Ahmet Saygun and Ilhan Usmanbaş in Mimar Sinan State Conservatory, Composition Department. In 1988, he went to Holland in the aim to study jazz music academically which was his passion since his early childhood and accepted to the Jazz Piano Departmet of Rotterdam State Conservatory. After graduating from Tilburg State Conservatory, Jazz Piano Department in 1993; for 5 years he worked as a lecturer in the music schools of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague. In 1997, he returned his home country Turkey and since than he participated in many international music projects and continued attending to leading jazz festivals and concerts organized by such countries as United States, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Omman, Kazakhistan, Portugal. In 2010, he released his first album Overseas where prominent musicians Kai Eckhardt on bass guitar, Sean Rickman on drums and Stanislav Mitrovic on saxophone accompanied Duyarlar. In second album released in 2011, Colors, Stanislav Mitrovic on saxophone, Eric Calmes on bass guitar and Enrique Firpi on drums accompanied him. His third, Kemenjazz, was recorded in 2012, whit collegues in Istanbul. In this album, Derya Turkan on kemence “3 stringed Turkish traditional instrument” Cem Aksel on drums, Erdal Akyol on Contrabass, Senova Ulker on trumpet Dilek Turkan and Azize on vocals accompanied Duyarlar. The album Kemenjazz was nominated in 2013 Turkey Music Awards among the best instrumental album category. He released his 4th album Time Of Spring in 2014, with Janek Gwizdala on bass guitar, Louie Palmer on drums and Justin Vasques on saxophone. Duyarlar continues his album and stage performances in Istanbul and gives concerts both in Turkey and abroad. In the meanwhile, as one of the founding members of Bahcesehir University Jazz School he gives the main courses of “Jazz Music Theory” and “Ensemble” He also conducts a big band, in educative base, called Istanbul Youth Jazz Orchestra.

Luciano Fabris

Luciano Fabris

Born in France in 1963, jazz pianist and composer Luciano Fabris lives in Rome. Student of the jazz legend Dr Barry Harris, he has worked among others with Tony Scott, Steve Grossman, Bob Mover, Tom Kirkpatrick, Agostino Di Giorgio, Luigi e Pasquale Grasso, Massimo Urbani and  Nicoletta Manzini, playing in many jazz clubs and  jazz festivals.As a music teacher he has worked in  Italian public schools and in private  institutions like Cinecittà Campus. His teaching system is based on Dr Harris method andhe currently teaches to  piano players as well to horn players and singers. As a member of Roma jazz workshop association he collaborates at the organization of the Barry Harris jazz workshop in Rome that take place twice a year in March and in  September.


Randy Esen

Randy Esen was born in New York City but grew up in the Boston area where she began her formal voice training at age 16. She continued her studies with prominent teachers at Oberlin Conservatory,  in New York and at the Jazz Department at The University of Massachusetts. Randy began her performance career in Boston in the early 80 s, working with various Jazz/R&B groups in the area. In the mid 80 s she joined forces with the internationally acclaimed pianist and composer Aydin Esen, her husband, and has been performing and recording with him ever since. Throughout her career Randy has performed with renowned musicians including, Tommy Campbell, Bob Moses, Kai Eckhardt, Bob Moses and Tiger Okoshi.   Randy moved to Istanbul in 1996 and has been teaching voice lessons, both private and group workshops for the past 14 years. She taught voice at Bilgi University' s Jazz Department for 4 years then at Hayart Arts Center in Istanbul where she was the founder and director, and presently at the Haceteppe State Conservatory in Ankara as well as teaching private lessons and workshops in Istanbul.  Randy currently lives with her husband and 2 sons in Istanbul.

Fernando Brusco

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Daniele Tittarelli


Daniele Tittarelli began studying Alto saxophone at a very young age, and soon he has become one of the most active Italian jazz musician and composer. He has improved his technique by attending seminars under the guidance of Sal Nistico, Joe Zawinul, Dave Liebman e Gary Burton. He has participated in Umbria Jazz Clinics. He graduated from Conservatory Francesco Morlacchi of Perugia in 1999. In 2000 he won the prize for Best Instrumentalist and Soloist at the European Jazz Contest of the Tremplin Jazz d’Avignon.  Particularly fascinated by Afro-American Jazz, nevertheless intrigued by every kind of sonority, he has come into the public eye for his original instrumental timbre. He recorded four albums as leader and many other as sideman.  He has toured with Kenny Wheeler, Maria Sneider, Mike Stern, Youssef Latif, Perico Sambeat, Joe Sanders, Horacio Hernandez, Javier Girotto, Rosalia De Souza, Frank Tiberi, Enrico Rava, Roberto Gatto, Greg Hutchinson, Rosario Bonaccorso, Stefano Bollani, Gianluca Petrella, Paolo Damiani, Mario Raja, Giovanni Guidi and many others. He has performed at many Festivals in Italy and abroad, including: Baltica Jazz, North Sea Jazz Festival, Roccella Jazz, European Jazz Expo, Umbria Jazz, Berchidda jazz, European Jazz Jamboree Berlin, Vicenza Jazz New Conversation, Kammgarn International Jazz Festival, International Jazz Festival Münster, Padova Jazz Festival, Nantes Jazz Festival, Barcellona Jazz Festival, Shangai Expo 2010, Sudtirol Jazz, Europa Jazz Festival, D’Jazz Nevers Festival, Roma Jazz Festival, “Visual Jazz” contemporanea di Roma, Padova Jazz Festival, Ravello Festival, Iseo Jazz, Metastasio Jazz, Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival.

Alceste Ayroldi

Alceste Ayroldi, degree in Jurisprudence (1988) cum laude. He is faculty member of M.I.U.R. (Italian Ministry Of Public Education and University) since 1989. He was lawyer from 1989 to 2002, qualified in copyright.

He is professor presso UWS – University West Of Scotland where he teaches Rights of performing arts; Music Research; Popular Music, Music Business and Analysis of musical styles.

He is professor of Music Management at the Saint Louis College in Rome (University of Music)

He is professor of Jazz History, marketing and music management at Il Pentagramma (school of music) in Bari.

He started to work in Music Industry in 1982. He studied classical and acoustic guitar for five years; hereafter, played drums. During the 1980s, he was the vocalist of heavy metal band Helgard.

Still in the 80’s, he was entertainer, deejay, host for some important discotheques of Adriatic Coast (Byblos, Riccione, Cocoricò, Riccione; Jubilée, Senigallia), as well as manager of Life 2 in Triggiano (Bari) and Ku-Shin-Kai (Bitritto, Bari) as well press manager.

In the Nineties he was the artistic director of “Antica Mola” in Mola di Bari (Bari).

He is – or he was - the press manager, producer and artistic director of numerous cultural realities and festivals in Italian territory, such as Mediterraneo Jazz Festival, Multiculturita Summer Jazz Festival, Beat Onto Jazz Festival, Concorso Internazionale di Musica Pietro Argento, International Music Contest San Nicola di Bari, Unika Academy, Cultural Association Researchpress – Centro Studi Franz Liszt.

He was the art director of masterclasses called Ba.Si. Jazz with Siena Jazz Foundation.

He was radio broadcast deejay, speaker and producer (Radio Studio N2, Radio Amicizia).

He studied Afroamerican Musicology with Stefano Zenni, Luca Bragalini, Vincenzo Martorella, Luciano Vanni.

He was editor of magazine Jazzit for 3 years; as well as Il Giornale della Musica for 5 years. He worked with some webzines and magazine, such as: Jazz Convention, MusicaBlack, Pool, Ago, Blue, L’Informatore, Nightguide.

Currently he is editor and music critic of Musica Jazz (magazine and website). He is the editor manager of webzine Jazzitalia.

He is member of the board of Como Lake Jazz Club.

He is member of the scientific committee of Center for the Study of the Law of the Performing Arts.

He was the press manager of Il Nuovo Melograno s.a. film production.

He is member of SIDMA (Italian Society Afroamerican Musicology) since


September 23, 2012 he introduced Jazz For Amnesty International 2012 at Petruzzelli Theater of Bari. .

In the years 2012 and 2013 he has colaborated with Carlo Gesualdo Theater of Avellino as host of “Retropalco” for the festival “Musica al Parco”; as well as he did some masterclasses.

He is the artistic director of festival “Lo scrittore suonato”.

He is the creator and host of “Il disco smiagolò: 40 years from Clockwork Orange”.

He is artistic director of Triggiano Jazz Winter.

During 2014, he was the artistic director of masterclasses and workshops of Saint Louis College in Bari.

In February 2015, he partecipated as lecturer at the conference promoted by Iaspm (International Association For The Study Of Popular Music) with the conservatory of Parma.

In April 2015, he did a workshop about: “Jam Session vs. Situated Learning” for the Department of Humanities of the University of Foggia.

Since 2015, he is the artistic director of The Empty Space club-theater.

He is the artistic director of the festival Jazz On Top Felix, as well as MusicArts Felix promoted by the Felix Foundation of Foggia.

He is artistic director of the International Festival “Treterre” (Puglia).

He is artistic director of the International Festival “Poliorama” (Puglia).

During 2015-2016, he did some lectures in Poland: Academy Of Danzica.

He collaborated (as producer, art director and more) with: Bobby Watson, Marcus Miller, Pat Metheny, Manhattan Transfer, John Abercrombie, Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Kenny Barron, Jimmy Owens, Mike Stern, Rachel Z, Frank Gambale, Gino Paoli, Tiziana Foschi (Premiata Ditta), Quintorigo, Fabrizio Bosso, Tuck & Patti, Nick The Nightfly, John Taylor, Gianluigi Trovesi, Antonio Sanchez, Randy Brecker, David Liebman, Sheila Jordan, Bob Mintzer, Mina Agossi, Brad Mehldau, Sarah Jane Morris, Dominic Miller, Buster Williams Jr., Minnie Minoprio, Antonello Salis, Andromeda Turre, Awa Ly, Stefano Bollani, Stefano Di Battista, Jeff Ballard, Joe La Barbera, Eddie Gomez, Kenny Garrett, Oregon, John Patitucci, Danilo Rea, Flavio Boltro, Paul Jeffrey, Maurizio Giammarco, Enrico Pieranunzi, Hadrien Feraud, Billy Drummond, Bobby Durham, Franco Cerri, Antonio Onorato, Antonio Faraò, Thomas Morgan, Michael Blake, Gerard Cleaver, Tok Tok Tok, Billy Cobham, Javier Girotto, Luca Medici (alias Checco Zalone), Marc Johnson, Mark Feldman, Ernst Rejseger, Gene Jackson, Nicky Nicolai, Harvie S., Frank Gambale, Alain Caron, Anna Maria Jopek, Jerry Bergonzi, Maria Pia De Vito, Huw Warren, Emmet Cohen, Carla Fracci, Beppe Menegatti, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Omar Sosa, Chihiro Yamanaka, Roy Paci, Michel Pastre,

Bireli Lagrène, David Kikoski, Ari Hoenig, Seamus Blake, Gaia Cuatro, Olivier Ker Ourio, Il Quattordicetto Cetra, Peter Bernstein, Manu Katché, Bill Evans, Robben Ford, Paul Wertico, Stjepko Gut, Benny Golson, Doctor 3, Paul McCandless, Lars Danielsson, John Parricelli, Gregory Privat, Martin Taylor, Simona Bencini, Dean Bowman, Ginger Brew, Angelo Debarre, Sarah McKenzie, Fabio Concato, Caecilie Norby, Francesco Diodati, Noa, Louis Sclavis, Ray Anderson, Frankie Hi nrg, Gary Bartz, Karima, James Senese, Rossana Casale, Leszek Mozdzer, and more.

He interviewed: Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollani, Rachel Z, John McLaughlin, Ben Allison, Nick The Nightfly, Gegè Telesforo, Irio De Paula, James Senese, Antonio Onorato, Franco Cerri, Gianluigi Trovesi, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Petra Magoni, Ferruccio Spinetti, Peppe Servillo, Walter Beltrami, Antonella Mazza, Massimo Colombo, Claudio Fasoli, Franco D’Andrea, John Abercrombie, Ada Rovatti, Stefania Tallini, Emanuele Cisi, Maurizio Giammarco, Mario Biondi, Sandy Muller, Marilena Paradisi, Carla Marciano, Saskia Laroo, Luciano Cantone, Minnie Minoprio, Luigi Campoccia, Carlo Atti, Mike Del Ferro, Stefano “Cocco” Cantini, Giulio Stracciati, Riccardo Del Fra, Tino Tracanna, Ettore Fioravanti, Daniel Humair, Stefan Pasdorg, Diane Schurr, Gaby Schenke, Heine Van de Geyne, Laika Fatien, Pedro Ojesto, Luca Savazzi, Roberto Ottaviano, Stochelo Rosenberg, Gianni Lenoci, Maurizio Franco, Enrico Intra, Salvatore Bonafede, Pino Daniele, Vasco Rossi, Laura Pausini, Ivano Fossati, Sting, Dominic Miller, Mario Biondi, Lorenzo Tucci, Sarah Jane Morris, Luca Lo Bianco (Fitzcarraldo Records), Arturo Sandoval, Riccardo Del Fra, Maurizio Rolli, Claudio Filippini, Pino Minafra, Roberto Gatto, Edmar Castaneda, Danilo Gallo, Daniele Malvisi, Awa Ly, Luigi Campoccia, Fred Wesley, David Krakauer, Stefano Mastruzzi, Stefano Di Battista, Pietro Tonolo, Antonio Solimene, Alessandro Gwiss, Sade Mangiaracina, Aisha Ruggieri, Quasimode, Riccardo Zegna, Mauro Grossi, Dudu Manhenga, Andrea Zuppini, Terez Montcalm, Vittorio Mezza, Piero Delle Monache, Salvatore de Pasquale (alias, Depsa), Stefano Mastruzzi, Filippo Bianchi, Sandra Costantini, Luca Conti, Ada Montellanico, Emiliano D’Auria, Gianna Montecalvo, Renato Sellani, Piero Delle Monache, Danilo Rea, Flavio Boltro, Nicky Nicolai, Javier Girotto, Fabrizio Bosso, Jakob Bro, Antonio Jasevoli, Dudu Kouate, Anne Ducros, Brian Ferry, Kandace Lindsey, Stefan Rusconi, Dino Rubino, Rita Marcotulli, Antonio Zambrini, Emiliano D’Auria, Paolo Angeli, Till Brönner, Miss Tia, Tania Maria, Anthony Strong, Paolo Damiani, Chiara Civello, Giancarlo Mazzù, Luciano Troja, Marc Cary, Youn Sun Nah, George Benson, John Scofield, Stacey Kent, David Murray, Hamilton de Holanda, Magnus Oström, Gianmaria Testa, Dhafer Youssef, Eduardo De Crescenzo, Aaron Parks, Anja Lechner, Rita Marcotulli, Jeff

Ballard, Ulf Wakenius, Vincent Peirani, Takuya Kuroda, René Aubry, Mark King (Level 42), Boris Blank (Yello), Malia, Karin Mensah, Ambrose Akinmusire, Michael Shrieve, Marcello Allulli, Cristina Zavalloni, Toumani Diabaté, Pierrick Pedrón, Mark Alban Lotz, Jo-Yu Chen, Jaques Morelenbaum, Michael Wollny, Francesco Cafiso, Tobias Christle, Natalia Mateo, Grazia Di Michele, Lena Willemark, Lars Danielsson, Sokratis Sinopoulos, Tigran Hamasyan, Markus Stockhausen, Ralph Alessi, Timo Lassy, Mathias Eick, Matthew Garrison, Piero Bittolo Bon, Gilles Coronado, Bruno Canino, Enrico Pieranunzi, Arve Henriksen, Richard Galliano, Pietro Tonolo, Jon Balke, Leszek Modzer, Leszek Kulakowski, Vein, Zoe Pia, Filippo Vignato, Linda Oh, Richard Barbieri (Japan), Niccolò Ammaniti, Gianluca Monastra, Alberto Campo, Massimo Cotto, Rossano Astremo, Joe Santangelo, Carmela Formicola, as well as the dancers and choreographer Tony Heinl (Momix) e Anila Vasjari (Accademy of Tirana); still Lucio Fumo (chief of Ente Manifestazioni Pescaresi), Pino Saulo (Rai Radio 3), Antonio Princigalli (Puglia Sounds), Nandu Popu (Sud Sound System), Gabriella Piccolo (Padova Jazz), Eugenio e Giampiero Rubei (Alexanderplatz, Casa del Jazz), the writer and professor of Middle Ages Alessandro Barbero.

He presided over the jury of the contest Donne Jazz in Blues (Bertinoro, Forlì); Jazz By The Pool di Montegrotto Terme (Padova) International Music Contest Massimo Urbani, International music contest Pietro Argento of Gioia del Colle, JazzUp New Generation of Viterbo. He was member of the jury of Castellaneta Film Fest.

In 2009 he realized the soundtrack of the movie called: “Giungla Metropolitana”.

As a storyteller he performed at Valdarno Jazz Festival (Montevarchi, Arezzo), I SenzaTempo (Avellino), Rotary Bari, Cotton Club di Ascoli Piceno, Universo Jazz Club di Lucca, Centro Coscienza (Milano), Basilijazz, Saint Louis College (Roma), Castellaneta Film Fest, Otranto Jazz Festival, San Severo Jazz Winter, Museo dell’Alto Tavolieri di San Severo, Festival di Cultura e Musica Jazz di Chiasso (CH), Roero Music Fest, and more.

He was the artistic co-director of jazz club Ueffilo (one of the most famous jazz club in Italy) from 2004 to 2012; hereafter during 2015-2016.

He is the artistic director of Multiculturita Black Music Contest since 2012.

In 2015, he collaborated with Sile Jazz Fest.

In 2012 he collaborated in the writing of the book My Music, My Life for the publisher Andy (Radiografie Contemporanee); he collaborated in the writing of the book called “La Pace. Proposte”, Centro Coscienza di Milano.

During 2014 and 2015, he did some workshops and masterclasses for the Otranto Jazz Festival.

Currently he is writing a book about the Italian Jazz System

He collaborated in the writing of a book about the Mediterranean music influences in the jazz music, published in 2014 by Ismez

He is the co-creator of the show about Stan Getz & Chet Baker with Igor Palmieri Quintet.

He is the project creator of the conferences-show about the relationship between Italian movies and jazz.

He is member of the jury of music critics for the eminent contest Top Jazz

During 2013 he degined and lectured on: Jazz e Horror; Jazz e Cartoons; Jazz and Basquiat.

In the past he was the press manager of festival Etnafest in Catania, Sovrano Festival inAlberobello and Festival “Il libro possibile” di Polignano a Mare (Ba).