International Academy of Rome

An Academy offering an international study experience 
Our mission is to create an international class of leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and creative people in the key areas of the Made in Italy excellence. Not an easy mission considering the challenges and threats posed by the new economy, but we truly love what we do here and the passion for what we do makes everything so wonderful, so worthwhile! 

Our programs are designed for managers, artists, designers, entrepreneurs and professionals in any sector able to combine management skills and a self-starter attitude with the passion for innovation and mobility beyond borders. 

Our motto at the Academy is «Acta non Verba», as we believe that leadership is action, not position in a hierarchy, and in order to lead your life, your people, your business, «You must be the change that you want to see in the world» and take full responsibility of your choices.
— Francesca De Palo, Director BAU Rome

Our Governance: enhance the cultural and social integration 
As part of the BAU Global Education Network, the governance of International Academy of Rome is directed and controlled by the BAU Board of Trustees and the Academic Management. 

We are: 

  • Highly motivated to expand the European network of public and private partners
  • Strongly committed to enhance the cultural and social integration of EU with non-EU citizens, organizations and countries, as well as the exchange of ideas, information and human resources around the globe
  • Daily challenged to provide the highest education, research and quality standards in the fields of in the fields of excellence of the Made in Italy Brand, such as Art, Design, Architecture, Fashion, Luxury, Food and Restaurant, Tourism and Services industry

Message from the Director

Welcome to the New School of Architecture, Design, Entrepreneurship and Fashion School of BAU Global, in Rome. 

In all the disciplines taught at International Academy of Rome we foster deep learning through teaching strategies and approaches focused on DESIGN THINKING. We believe that many of the most critical challenges we are due to face in the modern world derive from ill-defined and tricky problems, which make both the problem and the solution unknown, especially when the interests of many people from different cultures are involved. 

Using DESIGN THINKING, we want to focus on the “solutions available outside the box of conventional problem solving”, and look for new scenarios and perspectives to shape a better future for our world. With BAU Global we have decided to carry out this challenging task in the Eternal City, because no other place than Rome can show us that what's old contains the roots of a  solid new. Come to the Eternal City and LET'S GET TO DESIGN, together! 

Francesca De Palo
BAU International Academy of Rome