General Information

BAU International Academy of Rome Jazz certificate program is structured to provide a rich and valuable array of academic and music courses such as jazz performance, fundamental jazz history and styles analysis, jazz theory, ear training, private instrumental technique courses, improvisation techniques, instrumentalist and vocal ensemble courses.

The program provides performers with a solid musical foundation by our world-class artist/faculty to develop their own individual voice and expression in music. They are offered direct and immediate interaction and performance opportunities with internationally acclaimed artists and educators and have a chance to study a variety of contemporary jazz music styles, including repertoire from American songbook, Latin jazz, funk &fusion, modern contemporary music, fusion of jazz with Turkish classical music.

The students go through total of 6 hours of weekly jazz courses for 2 semesters (28 weeks) namely jazz theory (2 hours), jazz history and styles analysis (1 hour), ear training (1 hour), instrumental ensemble (1 hour), vocal ensemble (1 hour) as well as private instrumental technique courses in all jazz instruments including piano, guitar, trompet, saxophone, trombone, bass, drums, as well as vocal. The courses wil be held mainly on Saturdays and once or twice during the weekdays for vocal ensemble courses preferably after 7pm in order to enroll students with different occupations and/or who study in different departments.

Our program aims not only to provide students with general jazz theory and performance excellence but also endow them with jazz forms of our own geography within the Turkish musical heritage.

This program offers courses covering a wide range of subjects and a diverse ensemble program tailored to the needs of beginner to intermediate level of students.