July 20-25

This is a rich program of in-company visits, round-tables and working simulations sessions aimed to explore how brands representing the Made in Italy excellence worldwide face the new challenges imposed in terms of innovation by the 21st century technology and business arena. The tour starts in the Motor Valley with visits to Lamborghini, Ducati, Ferrari, then moves to the Fiat Chrysler Technological Center in Turin, and ends in Milan with a session in leading design studio.

The Program is available in two options, depending on your professional interests, i.e. in 1 or 2 weeks.


 The aim of this program is to understand the mindset of the Made in Italy Brand, which is devoted to creativity, inspired by art, enhanced by craftsmanship, guided by eternal gestures and transforms details into excellence.  

In-company visits and workshops will be conducted in English, touching 3 districts of the Italian excellence: the Motor Valley in Emilia Romagna, Turin and Milan. This program is ideal for designers, brand managers, entrepreneurs, experts of communication, management, strategic marketing and researchers in the fields of luxury, territorial management, family business. 

Upon group request the program can be extended more and touch Rome, the Eternal city. Ask more


Fee of 1650 Euro includes: pick up at the airport, at the arrival in Bologna and for the departure back home, from the airport of Milan, on the first (1-WEEK PROGRAM) or second sunday (2-Week PROGRAM) after your arrival; accommodation in double room to share in all the destinations of the internship program on the road; workshops and in-company visits, with tickets to Museums and Foundations when required; shuttle in the Motor Valley and from Bologna to Turin and Milan. Arrivals and departure are recommended on sundays, respectively on July 19 and 26.


to learn more about fees, options and ways of payment.

An invitation letter will be sent to the applicants in order to start the process for the touristic visa at the Italian Consulate. We remind NON EU students that the VISA process may take up even 6 weeks, therefore it is highly recommended to start it as soon as possible. NON EU Students who want to extend their stay in Italy should inform the school for visa purposes.

Please Note: 1) this program will be activated with a min of 15 students and can be available with an interpreter in other languages if all participants come from same institution; 2) fees will be refunded in case of visa rejection but not in case of last minute withdrawal, i.e. 3 weeks before the program starts. 3) Bank transaction fees are not included in the program tuition fee. 4) Participants must possess a medical and personal liability insurance valid in Italy  and present insurance policy number and copy of the contract attached to the Application Form