If you wish to attend the auditions, please send us an email to

and fill out the application form . After completing the formal application, please send us your confirmation via e-mail that will enable us to follow up your application process accordingly.

Scope of Live Auditions and Written Exam

The auditions will take place in June for pre-registration period and August and September for registration period.

Scope of Live Audition

All jazz applicants are required to perform one ballad and one medium/up tempo tune, preferably standards.

Scope of Written Exam

The Written Exam Will Cover;

·         Basic Theory

·         Dictation

·         Sight-Reading

·         Jazz History Questions

Styles and Musicians of the following historical periods;

Around 1890: Ragtime

Turn of the Century: New Orleans

The Teens: Dixieland

The Twenties: Chicago

The Thirties: Swing

The Forties: Bebop

The Fifties: Cool Jazz, Hard Bop

The Sixties: Free Jazz

Written exam is being held for placement not for selection.

Scholarships will be awarded depending on the audition results.