Unique MBA Program taught in English, with a blended formula of 3 months of studies in Rome with a focus on the Made in Italy brand, and 9 months of courses to be completed online from your home city/country

INTAKES:Summer 2019, June 17 - August 10/FALL 2019, September 16 - December 12

This program is ideal for managers, entrepreneurs, engineers, architects creative people who want to understand the critical success factors of the Made in Italy brand. 3 months of studies will be completed in Rome with in company visits and meetings with prominent people in all the fields of the Italian excellence, and the remaining 9 months will be completed online.

During the 3 month period in Italy, face to face courses will be conducted with a unique combination of classes, in company visits, business simulations and case studies focused on brands. companies. business models and know how designed, born, made and developed in Italy, in several different industries, from fashion to food, car, energy, sophisticated machinery and health sector.  

Single modules of Marketing, Innovation, Business Administration and Business Law and can also be taken as independent courses, without completing the full MBA. Write to to tailor your program.