Departments & Educational model

Drive innovation, internationalization and sustainable growth 
BAU International Academy of Rome programs are designed to meet the demands of an international class of people who want to capitalize and share their knowledge of the critical success factors of the Made in Italy brand to drive innovation, internationalization and sustainable growth of their ventures and companies. 

Program design is guided by the BAU Academic Management in collaboration with Italian and international professors, scholars, advisors, counsellors and managers of public and private institutions, organizations and companies. 

BAU International Academy of Rome offers 5 leading departments: 

  1. Architecture & Design
  2. Branding and Luxury
  3. Legal Studies
  4. Entrepreneurship  & Innovation
  5. Humanities and Languages

Our Departments are entrusted with the task of establishing the general aims of the programs to be carried out, taking into account: 

  • The learning objectives to be achieved by the students coming from BAU and other international academic partners The learning objectives to be achieved by the students coming from BAU and other international academic partners
  • The professional and commercial  needs  and  agendas  of  individuals, companies and institutions  that  want  to  explore  the  possibilities  offered  by  new markets, such as the Euroasiatic countries and the emerging nations that will power global growth in the next decades 
Globalization, digital revolution and recurring global
economic crises have affected traditional teaching practices.
— BAU International Rome

New modern teaching practices
Nowadays people need to constantly reinvent themselves and update their skills to cope in a world of rapid change. Therefore, the demand for continuing, more intense, relevant and cost effective programs has highly increased, as well as for learning experiences which incorporate distance learning and virtual platforms into traditional classroom practices. 

At BAU International Academy of Rome we have developed a mix of experiential learning, leisure and online/offline resources, resulting into a pragmatic learning environment, where participants will understand the importance of multicultural sensitivity to local beliefs, values and mental models, in leading a successful business in any sector.

Credit transfer
In order to ensure comparability in the standards and quality of higher education qualifications and credit transfer across national academic systems, at BAU International Academy of Rome our offer is based on the standards of the European Bologna Agreement and the ECTS credits system (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). Credits attained at BAU International Academy of Rome can be transferred into any program, undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational.