The International Cooperative Education (ICE)

What is CO-OP? 
CO-OP (Cooperative Education) is an integrated educational model of university study and the business world. 

It’s based on the work of the student during their undergraduate education: the goal is to integrate education and business. For students who have taken advantage of the CO-OP opportunity, the transition into their workplace after graduation has been much easier and smoother. 

CO-OP is a continuous process that must be completed in a single block of time. CO-OP duration is a minimum of 3 months and maximum 9 months. 

How does CO-OP work? 

The undergraduate students from any faculties of the university who wish to work through CO-OP must apply to the CO-OP Directorate. 

Providing application materials doesn’t necessarily mean that the student will be elected for CO-OP. High academic record, recommendations and the other required criteria are necessary for the CO-OP application. 

A student accepted into the CO-OP program is called a COOPER. The students selected by the CO-OP Directorate are then sent to partner companies for interviews. The CO-OP Directorate prepares students to speak with employers. 

A COOPER accepted by the partner company after completing his or her interviews will be offered an internship position. 

International CO-OP Program  
At the beginning of its activities, the CO-OP Department was focused on domestic partnerships. Then, in December 2009 CO-OP opened a brand new division, BAU International CO-OP, and started sending and receiving Coopers in Turkey and outside, every year. 

Being a citizen of the world is one of the most important values in the 21st century. Therefore, the main goal of our Department is to provide opportunities to travel the world, study and work in order to acquire a multi-cultural perspective, expand their network and vision. 

In order to keep up with this ambitious goal, BAU International CO-OP has made so far 150 international new partners all around the world, in addition to the 1200 existing domestic partners, and remains constantly focused on new partners acquisition. 

Become our partner and learn from BAU’s experience of the branded courses in Turkey how to fill the gap between the academic world and the job market.