3-WeekProgram at a glance:

  • 3 weeks of full-immersion devided in 3 modules

  • leading experts and partners in the CH sector, such as CNR-ITABC, ASSORESTAURO, CSS-EBLA

  • site visits/hands-on approach

  • opportunity to select 1 module of interest

  • ideal for professionals and postgraduate students of Architecture, Design, Art, Management, Urban Planning, Sustainability and related fields

In order to gain a comprehensive overview of Italian know-how and best practices in the CH management sector, participants are invited to apply for the full 3-week course, although they  can also choose single modules, depending on the number of available places, each session.

Select your date:

SPRING 2019 EDITION:  4 - 22 February 2019

Module ONE

Conservation, Restoration and Maintenance

In collaboration with:

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ASSORESTAURO (Associazione Italiana del restauro architettonico, artistico, urbano- Italian Association for architecture, art and urban restoration)

This module shows the most recent technologies  and innovative approaches in the field of heritage conservation from survey to implementation. Focus is on best practices, regulations and case studies in Italy.

Module TWO

Presentation, Exhibition and Museums

In collaboration with:  

CNR-ITABC (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche -Istituto per le technologie applicate ai beni culturali/ National Council of Research- Institute for the technologies applied to cultural heritage)

This provides an overview of the  most recent and innovative tools for the presentation of tangible and intangible  cultural heritage values  in museums and urban, rural and archeological sites. 

Module THREE

Integrated Management  of Cultural and  Natural Heritage

In collaboration with:


CSS-Ebla (Centro Studi Silvia Santagata-Ebla / Research Center Silvia Santagata- Ebla)

This module is focused on the most innovative methodologies and  approaches aimed to effectively manage  cultural heritage resources,  from management planning  to community engagement. 


- you are a professional  or a postgraduate student of Architecture, Design, Art, Management, Urban Planning, Sustainability and related fields

- you want to learn in the Eternal city best practices related to the integrated use of technology, creativity and innovation for the CH sector

-  you want to meet leading Italian experts and institutions operating in the CH sector

Non-EU must finalize their application at least 4 weeks prior the selected intake. Courses will start with min 15 participants.

Please send your cv, motivation letter and copy of your Bachelor degree diploma  to


OVERALL COURSE FEE is: 1500 euro 

SINGLE MODULE FEE is: 600 euro


Admission Procedure

Following documents are required: 

   1          Enrollment form (available online within the applicant’s personal area)  

   2          Passport or ID for EU students

   3          Motivation letter

   4          CV

   5          A copy of the applicant’s degree diploma

   6          University transcript

   7          Portfolio


Candidate Selection

The selection is based on the assessment of CV, motivation letter and portfolio. Great attention is paid to the ability to work independently, manage a project conceptualization and actively participate in a highly innovative training experience. Enrollments are limited.

Once admitted, candidates will receive an admission and invitation letter. Every year BAU International Academy of Rome encourage students to apply for the partial grants available through BAU Foundation, when it is applicable, and promotes a number of total grants. For further information please visit the website and download the scholarship application form.

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