A Global Education Network 

We provide a qualified higher education with no frontiers
International Academy of Rome is part of the “BAU Global Education Network”, one of the largest international groups of leading educational institutions, including: 

  • 4 independent universities in IstanbulBerlinWashington DC and Batumi
  • 5 branch campuses in RomeCologneTorontoHong Kong and Silicon Valley
  • 20.000 students and 1500 faculty members 
  • 160 academic partners in the world collaborating in the offer of credit and dual degree programs 
  • +2000 companies providing exciting internship and networking opportunities to our international student body 
  • +180 preparation centers for university admission 
  • 150 primary and secondary schools in Turkey 
  • A Global Education Network serving a population of 150.000 students with more than 7000 professorslecturers and tutors only in Turkey
  • One Publishing House, Ugur Educational Services and Publishing INC

BAU History: the largest Turkish Education Holding
Founded in the late 1970s in Turkey as a network of test preparation center, BAU Global has now an outstanding reputation in the national and international education sector, backed by almost 50 years of experience and achievements at all levels. 

BAU Global is committed to foster a new vision in the education sector, aimed to create a new generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, scientists and creative people able to undertake the challenges posed by multiculturalism, internationalization, digitalization and rapid change. The mission of BAU is to provide quality higher education worldwide through a variety of market-driven programs that will stimulate the intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity that are urgently needed in the 21st century global marketplace. 

In order to accomplish its mission, BAU has designed the New Generation Higher Education Model and transformed three continents - Asia, America, and Europe - into a global campus where students can: 

  • Freely move across borders and start their undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Istanbul
  • Continue their studies in Washington and/or Berlin
  • Conduct specialized programs and internships in Köln, Rome, Toronto, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley

Undertake the study of dual undergraduate and graduate programs, leading to the degrees of multiple universities, which are members of the BAU International Network of academic partners worldwide. 

International Cooperation Agreements & CO-OP Program
BAU collaborates with more than 160 International Partners in offering exchange programs and international opportunities for students, faculty and staff. Learn more about exchange programs and global opportunities with BAU International! 

During their studies, BAU Students can participate in the CO-OP Program and complete an internship experience in one of the 1350 companies which collaborate with BAU in filling the gap between the academic world and the job market.

Mr. Enver Yücel is Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of BAU Global and in his capacities as advisor of the Turkish Ministry of Education and of the Higher Educational Council of Turkey, Founder of TÖDER, the Association of all private Educational Institution, Member of the Dean’s Board of Advisors of New York University’s Steinhardt School, is renowned for his outstanding contribution to the development of the education sector, in Turkey and worldwide.

On the 16th of December 2014 the U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, honored Enver Yücel, with the UNCA Special Award for Global Education, as an acknowledgement of his accomplishments in the international education sector.

Message from the Founder: Mr. Enver Yücel
Every achievement begins with a dream, and dreams foster our motivations to excel and succeed in our lives, every day. 

In founding Bahcesehir University, we began with an ambitious dream which, through hard work and dedication has become reality. This year marks our sixteenth anniversary of commitment to excellence in the education sector, and in the past years, we have accomplished more than anyone could have expected. We continue to dream, with passion and commitment to internationalization and continuous improvement, with the aim to join by 2023 the top world university league table. We keep establishing exchange agreements with many leading universities worldwide and partnerships with international companies to fill the gap between the academic world and the job market.

Our mission is to educate a new generation of leaders, decision makers and managers sensitive to local and global issues, supportive of universal ideas and values, as well as capable to undertake the challenges posed by the new economy with an inquiring mind and a multicultural approach. 

Thanks to our unique locations, top-notch education facilities, distinguished academic staff, and real-world applicable teaching methods, we attract highly talented, motivated, and driven students seeking education opportunities that make them to stand out. We have dedicated our lives to education, and watching Bahçesehir University to evolve into an example of good practice in the higher education segment has been an incredibly joyous and gratifying experience. Everyone at our university, from our security guards to our lecturers, and notably our university’s administrative staff, has had a share in this success. 

With the help of new departments being founded every year and our extremely talented and dedicated teaching staff, our goal is to give our gifted young students a bright and promising future, not just a university diploma. 

We encourage you to follow your dreams, as they are the most real thing you can touch if you are a true believer. 

Enver Yücel
Bahçesehir Ugur Educational Institutions
Chair of the Board of Trustees