June 17/August 9 2019

Certificates in Fashion, Design, Luxury, Food, Branding, Events
120 contact hours, Certificate of Made in Italy Excellence

Branding for Fashion and Luxury

Suggested Modules: Italian Luxury Brands (Core) + + 1 or 2 among: Social Media Management. Cinema and Fashion or Design Thinkin

Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

Suggested Modules: Strategic Management (Core) + + 1 or 2 among: Design Thinking, Italian Luxury brands or Visual Storytelling

Integrated Marketing and Social Media

Suggested Modules: Social Media Management (Core) + + 1 or 2 among: Visual Storytelling, Event Management or Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Suggested Modules: Design thinking (Core) + 1 or 2 among: City and Culture, Cinema and Fashion or Italian Luxury brands

Italian Language and Culture

Suggested Modules: Italian Language and City&Culture 8 weeks (very beginners) or 4 weeks (pre-intermediate speakers).

This summer BAU International Academy will offer a unique program of 4 weeks in the sectors of the Italian excellence such as DESIGN, BRANDING, FOOD, LUXURY, EVENTS AND FASHION, with design thinking labs, in-company visits, case studies and face to face meetings with top designers and Italian entrepreneurs.





available for 3 weeks

This module, offers an interdisciplinary introduction to the fields of fashion and cinema: the relationship between the film industry, fashion designers, brands, marketing and communication will be analysed from a theoretical and historical perspective, in order to understand the contribution of cinema to the launch of fashion trends and to the promotion of fashion brands

summer 16.jpg

GE0201 CITY&CULTURE / available for 3 weeks

The module aims to introduce the students to the multifaceted relationships between the city of Rome and the Italian culture. It includes a series of tours aimed to explore the multiple layers of the Eternal City, its urban setting, legal and political framework, art and lifestyles, in order to learn more about the rich culture heritage that inspires the made in Italy luxury, fashion, design and way of thinking.

design thinking.jpg


This module provides an induction into the mindset of designers, the way they understand the existing framework, challenge current beliefs, ideate new scenarios, prototype and test their experiments. 21st century most emerging design trends will be illustrated with applications to the fields of excellence of the Made in Italy brand.


PRL4523 EVENT MANAGEMENT / available for 3 weeks

This module provides students with hands -on experience in the operation, coordination, and management of special events, from micro to big events. Students will learn how to design, plan, execute and manage memorable events of different sizes.

Bulgari Ring3.jpg


This module is focused on the business models and the critical success factors of the Italian luxury brands, the reason why they have an exclusive identity and a strong philosophy, able to make customers feel unique emotions and engage. Face to face classes will be combined with in-company visits and meetings with entrepreneurs and designers in a variety of sectors.

summer 13.jpg


With this module students will understand the critical success factors of social media management through the analysis of popular digital start-ups and buzz legends. Contents will be taught with a very hands-on approach, including simulations and case studies aimed to understand how to assess media performance, enhance online interaction and finance start-ups in the new economy where “people are the brand”.

summer 11.jpg


Upon successful completion of this module, participants will be able to apply strategic management theories and techniques; assess market opportunities for companies seeking international expansion; implement strategic plans of internationalization; understand strategic factors driving innovation in the 21st century marketplace.

visual story.jpg


With this module participants will learn how to convey social, cultural, personal and commercial information through the language of visuals, by designing an audiovisual project reflecting their experience of the city . Under the supervision of our team of experts participants will break down the scripts of selected cinema masterpieces in order to understand the principles of visual storytelling such as style, genre, point of view, atmosphere, emotional rythm and narrative use of light.



The 8-week Program is aimed at absolute beginners; the 4-week Program

is for pre-intermediate speakers who want to gain an upper intermediate

knowledge of the Italian language.


Fees are: 

- 1900 Euro for a Certificate of 3 Modules

- 1400 Euro for a Certificate of 2 Modules

- 800 Euro for one single module

- 1200 Euro for the Italian Language and City& Culture Certificate - 4 week Module

- 1600 Euro for the Italian Language and City& Culture Certificate - 8 week Module


Certificate of attendance
At the end of each program enrolled students, who have attended at least 80% of the classes and successfully complete all required exams and projects, will receive a Certificate of attendance. An examination board composed of academicians and entrepreneurs will assess the final project presentation and award the student’s final certificate of attendance.

Entry requirements 
Deadline: Applicants, especially non european, are strongly suggested to complete the enrollment process at least 35 days before the beginning of the selected course. 

Admission procedure
Following documents are required: 

  1. Enrollment form (available online within the applicant’s personal area)

  2. Passport or ID for EU students

  3. Motivation letter

  4. CV

  5. A copy of the applicant’s degree diploma

  6. University transcript

  7. Portfolio

Candidates selection
The selection is based on the assessment of CV, motivation letter and portfolio. Great attention is paid to the ability to work independently, manage a project conceptualization and actively participate in a highly innovative training experience. Enrollments are limited.

Once admitted, candidates will receive an admission and invitation letter. Every year BAU International Academy of Rome encourage students to apply for the partial grants available through BAU Foundation, when it is applicable, and promotes a number of total grants. For further information please visit the website and download the scholarship application form.

Watch the video below created by M. Majed Wisal, one of our 2016 best students, to get inspired by the Roman architecture and lifestyle.