City & Culture Certificate 


Discover Rome and its history 
The aim of the course is to gain a multidisciplinary knowledge of Rome, its culture and spirit. The course starts with a series of full immersion tours in the city to provide an immediate quick induction to the Eternal City. Every month explore the multiple layers of Rome and its culture in and learn more about the italian brands, lifestyle, fashion, luxury and design industry. 

Tailor your learning experience

This certificate requires 42 contact hours and can be completed in 5 days, 2 weeks or in a 3-month period combined with city and culture tours, language courses or other certificates. Contact us to know more about the scholarships available through the BAU Foundation and to customise your program. 

Certificate intakes are available every 2nd week of the month and applicants, especially non european, are strongly suggested to complete the enrollment process at least 40 days before the beginning of the selected course. 

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Living in Rome has been a privilege, but somebody might actually consider it a disadvantage: how you can think of something new in a city that has al-
ready everything? Well, beauty can only generate other beauty.
— Anna Fendi

Rome is a unique city with multiple layers of culture and history and a distinctive urban setting and spirit. This is the city where the Roman Republic was founded and then the Western Roman Empire was raised: having been the center of one of the world’s greatest civilizations ever, Rome has exerted a huge influence over the world in its millennium long history. As a matter of fact the structure of the Christian church and the legal and political framework of modern states were modeled on the Roman Empire and the city can witness the significant role played in world history by the Roman culture, with its immensely rich historical heritage and an incredible amount of preserved ancient monuments and buildings providing a magnificent example of eternity and resilience over centuries. Many monuments and buildings of Rome are very well preserved thanks to their continuous use throughout the centuries, as in-fact they were built to stay forever. At end of the day, Rome and its culture are the result of this struggle, full of limits and contradictions, between eternity and convenience. The eternity of Rome is the X factor of the city, its culture and its spirit. The aim of this course is then to gain a sound understanding of this factor and outline a fil rouge that may link past, present and future of Rome, through an exploration of its culture, urban setting and lifestyles.