Two Romes MBA Course 

1 - Year Master of Business Administration 
The BAU MBA program of the 2 Romes is a 1 Year/4 TERMS from 90 up to 120 ECTS full immersion program, taught in English. Final diploma is awarded by Bahcesehir University Istanbul, Graduate School of Social Sciences, in collaboration with the Italian Agency for Microcredit. 

This is the first MBA program that makes you study the Made in Italy fields of excellence, travel in Rome and Istanbul, start up your business in the emerging markets of the planet. Integral parts of the program are in-company visits, meetings & creative labs focused on the Made in Italy fields of excellence such as fashion, luxury, design, entrepreneurship & innovation, food and catering, social finance, lean strategy, product design and business internationalization.

Candidates will have the possibility to apply for funds to start-up their business in the emerging markets. 

At the end of the program, you will have: 

  • Experienced in Rome the creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills that make the Made in Italy a premium brand all over the world 
  • Realized the richness of Istanbul, the city where East meets West, and the unique blend of traditions, cultures and business practices that makes so dynamic the Turkish economy
  • Acquired entrepreneurial skills and abilities to start-up your own business 
  • The possibility to access to funds and resources to launch your activity in the international arena

Program structure

Among the most beautiful cities in the world: Rome, The Eternal City, and Istanbul, The Queen of Cities