BAU IAR Summer Session 2017 

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Our Mini-masters & Specializations are intended to show how to seize the opportunities and challenges of the most dynamic markets of the 21st century. They are based on 4 to 10 week program focused on design thinking and full immersion project application, in-company visits, case studies and face to face with top designers, architects, studios and entrepreneurs. 

Our Mini-masters & Specializations aim to provide a unique opportunity of training in the sectors of the Italian excellence such as design, branding, luxury and fashion, in order to make you explore the multiple layers of Rome and its culture and learn more about the excellence Made in Italy. 

Watch the video below created by M. Majed Wisal, one of our 2016 best students, to get inspired by the Roman architecture and lifestyle.

#Summer Mini-Masters overview

Mini-Master in Luxury Brands Design

With Anna Fendi (read more >>>), the Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur who has made with her sisters the Fendi brand famous across the globe, students will have the exceptional opportunity to conduct an experimental application of all the latest key trends and discoveries in branding strategies to a wide range of luxury fields, from food to hospitality and restaurant business design. 


Mini-Master in Fashion Design

With Ilaria Venturini Fendi (read more >>>), daughter of Anna Fendi, pluri-awarded fashion designer and creative social entrepreneur for her innovative practices demonstrated in the fashion sector, participants will learn how to apply the key trends of sustainable design and eco-luxury to the fashion industry. Ideal for stylists and designers who want to add an outstanding personal touch to their creations and learn to work with new, unusual or innovative materials. 


Mini-Master in Interior Design & Placemaking

This program is ideal for entrepreneurs, designers, visual experts and brand strategists who want to gain an exclusive knowledge of Made in Italy high quality materials, design culture, techniques and styles and learn how to design and create spaces able to listen to people’s needs. Classes will be taught by leading Italian designers and architects focused on new trends, innovative materials and emerging markets of the 21st century. Participants will learn how to ideate, prototype and test a space for retail, hospitality and wellness


Summer program intakes

12-week program, 250 contact hours

Possibility of 8-week internship upon successful completion of the program, free of charge for the 3 best candidates and available for the other participants upon request, availability and payment of a 300 € fee. 
SUMMER 5 June /11 August

5-week program, 120 contact hours

SUMMER 19 June up to 21 July

Internship opportunities

At the end of this program the 3 best qualified students after the final studio projects' presentation will be given the possibility to conduct internship experiences of minimum 8 weeks and free of charge, in the companies that are part of the BAU network. 

Internship opportunities will be also available for the other participants upon request, availability and payment of a 300 € fee. 


Certificate of attendance
At the end of each program enrolled students, who have attended at least 80% of the classes and successfully complete all required exams and projects, will receive a Certificate of attendance. An examination board composed of academicians and entrepreneurs will assess the final project presentation and award the student’s final certificate of attendance.

Entry requirements 
Deadline: Applicants, especially non european, are strongly suggested to complete the enrollment process at least 35 days before the beginning of the selected course. 

Admission procedure
Following documents are required: 

  1. Enrollment form (available online within the applicant’s personal area)  
  2. Passport or ID for EU students
  3. Motivation letter
  4. CV
  5. A copy of the applicant’s degree diploma
  6. University transcript
  7. Portfolio

Candidates selection
The selection is based on the assessment of CV, motivation letter and portfolio. Great attention is paid to the ability to work independently, manage a project conceptualization and actively participate in a highly innovative training experience. Enrollments are limited.

Once admitted, candidates will receive an admission and invitation letter. Every year BAU International Academy of Rome encourage students to apply for the partial grants available through BAU Foundation, when it is applicable, and promotes a number of total grants. For further information please visit the website and download the scholarship application form.


5-week program

2500 €: accommodation included + 300 € deposit that will be refunded at the moment of check out

12-week program

5000 €: accommodation included + 300 € euro deposit that will be refunded at the moment of check out

Internship Fee 

300 € 

Application Fee

150 €: that will not be refunded in case of visa denial