Airship: the itinerant cultural small forest arrives in Rome

From 8 to 11 September Rome will host “Airship”, an innovative project created by Austria Tourism combining nature and culture, architecture and design, making the visitors feeling as they are spending an holiday in Austria. This itinerant cultural small forest is based on the project presented at Expo 2015 in the Austrian pavilion, one of the most visited of the last edition; it is a unique prototype born from the strong collaboration between architects and designers (from Breathe Earth Collective) and represents a new conception of a green urban area, a place where to experience nature and culture through an hybrid mix of greenery and contemporary design. 

“Inside Airship the visitors can sit on wooden benches, breathe fresh air, find some peace and take a break from everyday life. It is something beyond design and technology, it can tell stories, create boundaries, establish a dialogue.” said Michael Strasser, Region Manager of Austria Tourism in Italy

This 5 meters high structure presents 3 typical Austrian ecotypes: the wet wood of red firs that grows on the Continental and on the Calcareous Alps of Salzburg, the wood of ashes of Voralberg and Tyrol and the fluvial wood of elms on the Danube, which plain is characterized by a huge variety of shrubbery. 

Airship compels us to reflect upon climate, focusing one of the most important sources of our biosphere: the woods. According the World Health Organization, every year more than 5,5 million of people die because pollution: that is why the central theme of the project is a fresh air place, beside the relation between atmosphere and our cities that are getting warmer and warmer.