MINI-Master “4.0 Industry” 30 CFU

SPRING 2019: Feb16 - May13/ SUMMER 2019: Jun10 - Aug10/ FALL 2019: Sep 16 - Dec 12

COURSE CODE: 4.0 industry
Specialization Prep Course valid for the admission to the Year 2 of
The 3/year Bachelor Degree Program in Computer Engineering (L-8)
and Industrial Engineering (L-9).

This course has been designed by Campus Città del Sapere with International Academy of Rome to prepare executives, junior managers, as well as young entrepreneurs and consultants who are facing the challenges imposed by the 4.0 business reconversion of many different industrial sectors in the world.



It requires 4 modules of 30h each, 20 of the classroom and 10h of lab applications for a total of 120h. Upon successful completion of all requirements, students will receive a certificate of attendance worth 30 ECTS credits toward the admission to the second year of the three-year degree course in Computer Engineering (L-8) and Industrial Engineering (L-9)

Following the assessment of their professional background, candidates can also receive 12 credits granted for merit and professional qualifications, thus achieving a total of 42 CFU toward the admission to the year 2 of the above Degree Programs.

 The award of these credits will take place after the successful completion of all requirements and exams of the 12 week Mini/Master Program in 4.0 Industry at International Academy of Rome.

From the second year onwards students will receive a userid to access the materials, programs and video lessons of the remaining courses, to be completed online with a Telematic University legally recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education “MIUR”. 
International students from English speaking countries and / or schools and colleges in which they have conducted their studies in English language, will be awarded by default 12 credits allocated to the course of English language, which is part of the curricular degree program at eCampus.