Fashion Communication Certificate

The essential kit for digital trend-spotting and trend-setting 
The first course in Rome providing scholarships and internships to become an influential trend setter, in collaboration with Les Cahiers, the most important Italian Magazine specialized in fashion marketing. 

Fashion is not something that exists in clothes only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
— Coco Chanel

What is fashion? Who decides what’s fashionable and what isn’t? What’s in or what’s out? 
Fashion is whatever can fascinate, enchant and stand out from the crowd, by touching the emotions of large audiences. A restaurant, a gadget, a bag, a piece of furniture, a lifestyle can be fashionable or out of fashion…fashion is by definition something very fragile and liable to change rapidly and unpredictably like a spell and those able to keep it going are like magicians ruling the world of style with their wands. 

21st century magicians cast their spells and dictate trends through the use of visual language and new media: the most talented are those able to put fashion in connection with art, cinema, music, marketing, society and design stories, images, symbols and icons that are perceived as unique and outstanding; the most powerful, on the other hand, are those who have built communities of loyal followers and know how to influence consumers’ perceptions and responses through the use of social media and viral marketing tools. 

It is hard to call them now only bloggers, they are themselves brands perceived as absolute icons of style and class, able to spot and set new trends. Italy has reconfirmed to be a talent pool in the digital age and many of the most successful digital influencers worldwide owe their reputation either to their Italian roots or to the inspiration they draw from the Made in Italy Brand. 

Learn how to brand yourself in 12 sessions (either squeezable in 12 days or in 6 week-ends) 


  • What is Luxury? Let’s research on the web the real luxury brands: Hermès, Chanel, Dior as absolute luxury 
  • Keynote Speaker 


  • Understanding consumers evolution: everybody out for mistery shopping! Experience your luxury communication skills 


  • Let’s create a powerful fashion blog: the best one will be kept online 


  • Let’s create a fashion magazine: Prada, Gucci, Bottega Veneta as aspirational Luxury 
  • Keynote Speakers 


  • Let’s promote our blog 


  • Viral Marketing Campaigns theories and approaches about “the making of”: Brand yourself session 
  • Mid-term exam 


  • Finding out all celebrities blogs 
  • Canali, Eleventy, Zegna as accessible luxury, Keynote Speaker 


  • Let’s work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest 


  • Visual Merchandising is communication! 
  • Successful Careers in the Fashion & Luxury Communication sector – Case Studies 

DAY 10

  • Mock up Session #1: how to elaborate a media plan, how to elaborate a social media plan, how to elaborate a content strategy 

DAY 11

  • Mock-up session #2: how to write a press release, how to contact a blogger, how to write a post 
  • Blogging: a successful blog - "" 
  • Keynote Speakers 

DAY 12

  • Metrics to measure Influence & ROI 
  • Simulation session

Program Rationale

At BAU International Academy of Rome, you will learn the essentials of fashion writing, image and brand design, digital PR and social media management, new apps and metrics for successful trend-spotting/setting and how to brand yourself. Creative labs and real life simulations under the supervision of Paola Vee (Journalist, leading expert of digital communication and Editor in chief of Les Cahiers Fashion Marketing) will be combined with testimonials by keynote influential bloggers, journalists, specialists of digital fashion and in-company visits. This course can suit a variety of interests and participants’ profiles and be designed for marketing and communication students who want to understand more about fashion in the digital age or for bloggers and start-up entrepreneurs who want to become influential trend-spotters and trend-setters in any sector. 



Tailor your learning experience

This certificate requires 42 contact hours and can be completed in 10 days, 2 weeks or in a 3-month period combined with other certificates. Contact us to know more about the scholarships available through the BAU Foundation and to customise your program. 

Certificate intakes are available every 2nd week of the month and applicants, especially non european, are strongly suggested to complete the enrollment process at least 40 days before the beginning of the selected course. 

  • Minimum number of participants to activate the certificate: 15 students 
  • Accommodation can be arranged upon request  

Tuition fee: 1200 € 

Application fee: 150 € that will not be refunded in case of visa denial

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