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BAU International Academy of Rome academic team includes, besides the professors, scholars, creative people, managers and advisors of the BAU world, some of the most outstanding representatives of the academic and professional community of Rome.

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles,
but to irrigate deserts.
— C. S. Lewis
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Alberto Gallotti

Italian Lawyer and Independent Film & Television Arbitrator LL.M. at UCLA & MCA at Ca’Foscari, Italian lawyer and Independent Film & Television Arbitrator at the American Film Market Association, founder and partner of a boutique law firm based in Rome. 

His specialities are Trademarks and Patents, secrecy deals, technology transfer, licensing & know-how protection, Advertising & Publicity Law, Consumer’s protection and Music Record Business: all fields where Alberto not only performs as a lawyer, dealing with cases of copyright infringement, plagiarism, moral right offense and labor law violation, but also as speaker at the Supreme Court of Cassation and as visiting professor at several colleges and universities.

He’s an advisor specialized in tax credit, VAT monetization and co-production business models helping foreign producers, investors and movie directors  such as Paul Haggis to make and produce their movies in Italy. 


Alberto Improda

Alberto Improda is the Founder and Managing Partner of Studio Legale Improda – Avvocati Associati, law firm with branches in Roma, Milano, Torino, Treviso and Genova. 
Alberto is specialized in the Intellectual Property field and has an extensive experience on Trademark, Design and Patent issues. 

His research interests include all the relationships between the world of Culture and the universe of Enterprises. Alberto is President of CESRI – Research and Study Center Improda; Vice-President of the Association DiCultHer – Digital and Cultural Heritage; Vice-President of the Cultural Association Entroterra & Co-Director of the Cultural Web-Magazine Malacoda. He also teaches Intellectual Property Law at LUMSA, within the Master Program “Culture and Tourism Management”; at LUISS within the Master “Innovation and Competition”; at IED within the Course “Fashion Design”.

He's frequently invited to speak or chair as an expert of IPLaw at seminars, lectures and conferences and  at BAU International Academy of Rome coordinates relevant studies within the programs in Italian Luxury Brands & Fashion Design.
Among his publications: “Italian Soul – Economy and Culture”, Edizioni Mincione, 2015 (that received the Literary Essays Award 2015 from the City of Palmi); “The man in the center between Enterprise and Culture”, Edizioni Mincione, 2016; “The Brands Route in the Consumerism Society”, Edizioni Mincione, 2017. 


Alessandro D'Alatri

He is a pluri-awarded Italian Film Director with a huge filmography including movies, theatrical plays, documentaries, videoclips and commercials, now Director of one of the most prestigious and vital Italian Theaters, i.e. Teatro Stabile dell’Abruzzo. Since 1992, he has been lecturer and guest speaker at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia of Rome, Cattolica University and Politecnico of Milan, Accademia di Belle Arti of L’Aquila and University of Yale, New Haven, US. 

Best AD director in 1987 at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, in 1991 he was awarded a David di Donatello for the movie “Americano Rosso” and in 1994 a David di Donatello, a Nastro d’Argento and a Ciak d’Oro for the movie “No Skin”. Later on in 1998 his film “The Garden of Eden”, based on an apocryphal history of Jesus, competed at the 59th Venice International Film Festival for the Golden Lion award and Alessandro was the recipient of the De Sica Award as Best Director of the year. 

From the ‘90s until now his track record includes movies and theatrical plays which won important nominations, awards and prizes such as “Casomai” (2001), “La Febbre” (2005, fifth highest grossing film of the year in Italy), “Daphne’s Smile” (2005, theater debut), “Commedia Sexy” (2006, 4th highest grossing film of the year in Italy), “Diatriba de amor contro un uomo seduto” (2007, theatrical piece based on the book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez), “Scenes from a marriage” (2011, theatrical play by Ingmar Bergman),  “Disco Risorgimento” (2011),  “Uomo e Galantuomo” (by Eduardo De Filippo, 2013), “The Coat” (by Nicolaj Gogol, 2013) and many others. 

Alessandro made his film debut working as a child actor with Visconti, Strehler, De Sica, Pietrangeli, Zurlini and Bolchi. Later he continued as Assistant Director for italian and international renowned commercial directors such as Giulio Paradisi, Enrico Sannia, Alfredo Angeli, Rick Levine, Bruce Dowad, Dick McNeil and ever since until now he has shot hundreds commercials which gained him several important awards within the international advertising industry. 


Alessandro Pazzaglia

He is partner since 1985 and holder since 2008 of Pazzaglia Law Firm, founded in 1946 by his father, professor of Trade Law at “La Sapienza” and LUISS University of Rome. 

Alessandro is a valued corporate attorney and barrister with both substantial in & out-house experience. Specialized on Trade Law, Civil and Company Law, Competition Law and Insolvency Law, Alessandro is associate professor of Commercial Law at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, lecturer at ICEI – International Institute for Communication and Image – in Rome and visiting professor at IDLI – International Development Law Institute in Rome. Author of legal publications, he also writes for a number of law reviews and journals. 


Andrea Febbraio


He is Co-founder and Europe VP Sales for Ebuzzing, a European leading company for online video advertising, and has built a reputation as a successful entrepreneur in the digital advertising field.

Author, speaker and professor, he has a ten years experience within online adv agencies. In 2007 he founded Promodigital, a company which in a very short time became a leader in the Italian market for buzz marketing and in 2010 was bought by the French group Wikio. Forerunner of events like viral and online advertising videos, Andrea has written two best sellers, “Viral Video” and “Buzz Marketing into Social Media” and participated as a guest speaker at Cannes Film Festival, London iStrategy and Colonia DMEXCO. 


Anna Fendi

Anna Fendi is an Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur. Along with her sisters Alda, Carla, Franca and Paola she has made the Fendi brand famous across the globe. She served as manager and coordinator of the design of Fendi collections and of licenses related to the brand.

Sbecame passionate about fashion whilst spending time in the family boutique, specialising in leather and fur accessories, that opened in 1925 in via del Plebiscito – four other boutiques will open later in the 50’s in Rome. She completed her studies and started working with her mother and sisters in the boutique immediately afterwards.

In 1960, she was responsible for the decision to concentrate the atelier, the showroom, the internal workshops and the selling area all in one place. All under the roof of a former theatre in Via Borgognona. This will become the historical Fendi Headquarters. In 1965, Count Savorelli di Lauriano put her in contact with designer, Karl Lagerfeld, with whom she formed a partnership. In 1970, the Fendi Collection is presented for the first time at Pitti in Florence, then in Milan Anna open a Fendi boutique within Bergdorf & Goodman Department Store in 1975. Under her creative supervision, new lines were created: the casual line “Ready to wear”, the menswear collection, several accessories lines and the homeware collection. At the same time she personally looks after all licenses for Italy and for abroad.

In 2001, Fendi completes the merger with LVMH. Afterwards, Anna Fendi leaves the direction of the creative department to her daughter Maria Silvia Venturini Fendi, who will continue the partnership with Karl Lagerfeld in Fendi as Head of Accessories, Menswear and Childrenswear.

In October 2011, Anna is the first Italian woman to receive the prestigious IWF Hall Of Fame Award in Washington.

In 2012, along with her life partner Giuseppe Tedesco, she launches a selection of wines AFV – Anna Fendi.


Aroop Mahanty

Aroop Mahanty - Phd in Economics at Colorado State University (1977) and post-doctoral training at the Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago (1983),  M.A. from Colorado State College and a B.S from the U. Wyoming - is an American professor with extensive experience in delivering business, economics, finance and investments education at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

He has taught in the States, India and Europe also for the members of the U.S. Armed Forces in the United States and abroad, and he is certified to teach on-line programs with Blackboard, WebTycho and WebC, Pearson platforms.

In Rome Prof. Mahanty teaches at Temple University and was a visiting professor with Boston University and with Loyola University of Chicago.

His research interests vary from aggressive pricing strategies to economics of transportation, strategy formulation in international business, culture-driven product design, applying economics to business, employing innovations and inventions in business strategy.

Among his publications: Intermediate Microeconomics with Applications. Academic Press 1981 - Exercises in Managerial Economics.  Aspub. 1984 - Math. for MBA. Boston University Overseas Graduate Programs in-house. 1987.

Books under preparation are: Business Microeconomics, Applying Theory to Practice - Essential Quantitative Tools for the Math-Intolerant Manager -Facing Facts: Short Essays on Dos and Don’ts for Sanity and Peace.


Bruno Paparello

Bruno Paparello is a professor in the Department of Italian Culture at the Bahcesehir University of Rome, where he has been a faculty member since 2016.  He has been lecturing and directing at several international institutions such as Webster University in Switzerland, Explorica and EF study organizations.

Bruno completed his Master Degree at Bocconi University in Milan and his undergraduate studies at Nottingham Trent University of England. Having specialised in International Economics, Finance and Art History taking multiple university courses, he believes in cross-curricular education. His favorite motto is: "Omnia disce. Videbis postea nihil esse superfluum. Coartata scientia iucunda non est".

His research interests lie in the area of Italian history and culture, ranging from theory to implementation. In recent years, he has focused on better techniques programs for teaching undergraduate students both in class and on fields. He has collaborated actively with universities and schools in several other disciplines of education, particularly study travels, group work, team building and fun active learning.

He recently created a tour operator focused on new educational activities for students visiting Europe. Also, Bruno has served on US based companies as a Italian and History teacher and travel director.

Bruno lives in Roma, a city that he loves with both heart and mind that he still believes has a significant and positive role to play in the globalised world.


Daphne Leonardi

Daphne Leonardi, graduated in modern languages at La Sapienza University in Rome and in screenwriting at the New York Film Academy, NYC. She started her career taking part to prestigious competitions as the Malerba in Italy and the Los Angeles Comedy Short in USA.

She works in the media and movie industry and as a professional journalist with columns and blogs dedicated to young artists and movies.

As screenwriter she collaborated with the famous director Luca Verdone, as well as with many other well-known and very appreciated professionals of the Italian and International movie industry.


Fabio Di Carlo


Architect, Specialist and PhD in Environmental Design, he is associate professor in Landscape Design at “Sapienza” University of Rome and has taken part of several international and national competitions, projects, practices and research studies on this subject. Fabio is member of Department DiAP, Architettura e Progetto, and member of teaching board of PhD program in Landscape and Environment. 

He also teaches Landscape and Garden Design within the Master in Landscape Architecture, Architecture of Parks, Gardens and Environmental-Naturalistic Systems at the Specialization School in “Beni Naturali e Territoriali”, Master Courses in several other international universities such as Tsinghua University of Beijing, University of Liege in Belgium. He is reviewer for the Ministry of Education since 2006 and member of Executive Committee of ECLAS, European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools. 


Francesca Dell'Era


Graduated in Archaeology, Greek and Roman Art History at University of Rome “La Sapienza”, where she also attended the Postgraduate School of Specialisation in Classical Archaeology. Since 1998, she has worked as a freelance archeologist mainly for the “Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma”, since 2005 dealing with Urban Archeology in the centre of Rome. 

She is a member of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Eastern Anatolia at Zeytinli Bahçe, Birecik (Urfa) (University of Rome “La Sapienza”) and of the Italian-Libyan joint Mission “Tempio Flavio” at Leptis Magna (CIRAAS). 

She has participated in national and international congresses and is the author of several articles and scientific publications. 


Francesco Alessandria


Francesco Alessandria is an architect and fellow C.N.R. (Research National Council) at the École d'Architecture Paris-Villemin of Paris (1991-1992), at the University of Tokyo and the Hosei University (1993-94). 

He worked at the Studio of J.P. Buffi in Paris and at the TAISEI Corporation in Tokyo, where he dealt with the aspects of intelligent building and security of the city. He conducted a research in the United States (1999) and in the University of Reggio Calabria at the Safety Department of the City of New York lobby; Arizona State University - College of Architecture and Environmental Design. 

He obtained his PhD in Urban and Regional Planning in 2001, at the Faculty of Architecture of the University Mediterranea of eggio Calabria. He taught in the same university at the Degree in Regional Planning Urban and Environmental from (2002-2012). From 2013 he taught at the Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata - Department of Transportation Engineering. 

He is interested in the issues of security of the city right from the main experiences in France and Japan. It focused, in addition, attention to safety profiles of the city from the seismic point of view and the design solutions through tools and programs with focus on smart cities and the ethnic city. In relation to ethnic city he is overseeing the Catalogue of Knowledge - on behalf of the Foundation Aldo della Rocca, in cooperation with the Ministry of Italian Foreign Affairs - which proposal was presented to the United Nations in New York in 2013. 

Among his publications: 

Tecnologie per una città sicura - ed. Giannini, Napoli, 1996  

The safe city. Italian-Japanese symposium - ed. Osservatorio Vesuviano, Napoli, 1997 

La sicurezza della città nel volume I sistemi informativi geografici per la pianificazione territoriale - ed. Rubbettino Catanzaro 1999 

Le azioni e le politiche sostenibili dell’Unione Europea per le reti infrastrutturali e la realtà italiana - ed. Giannini-Fondazione Della Rocca, Roma, 2002 

Contenuti dei programmi complessi in Il Pianificatore territoriale. Dalla formazione alla professione - ed. Gangemi, Roma, 2003 

Città, multietnie, integrazione, interazione, pianificazione - ed. Giannini-Fondazione Della Rocca, Roma, 2004 

Città costiere e danni ambientali (a cura con F. Moraci e C. Fazia) - ed. Iriti, Reggio Calabria, 2006 

Immigrazioni e nuovi valori urbani nel volume Studi urbanistici - La Città la crisi, le ragioni i rimedi, a cura di C. Beguinot - ed. Fondazione Aldo della Rocca 2013 


Giuseppe Fontani

He graduated in Economical and Social Disciplines at Commercial University of Milan “Luigi Bocconi” with a thesis based on an analysis on the structure of the Italian cluster compared to the one of the e-commerce.

He has worked as Marketing and PR Consultant for several international clients and since January 2010 he works as a free lancer Organizational Development Consultant for luxury brands operating in the fashion and hospitality field: Cova Montenapoleone (LVMH Group), AFV Anna Fendi, Enoteca La Torre (Michelin Star Restaurant), Giais International Group UK, Casio, Bayer Italia. His main role is to develop new market searches for investors, creating a distribution channel, recruiting and training the staff, supervising the right positioning of the products. He is very well introduced and connected to several markets: China, Japan, Brazil, USA, UK, Malaysia.


Hicran Topcu


Hicran Topcu is an architect with PhD degree in Architectural Restoration. She received her degrees in the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, where she also worked as a Research Assistant and Instructor and taught several courses of graduate and undergraduate level. In 2005, she received the “best PhD thesis” award by the Middle East Technical University. 

She carried out a broad part of her technical and academic studies in Italy, by the scholarships of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She received the specialization and postgraduate titles from important international organizations like ICCROM and ILO on heritage conservation and cultural development fields. In 2006, she received ICCROM fellowship to work on risk management for cultural heritage. 

She has also broad experience in the management of urban and territorial development programs. She worked as a Technical Consultant, Independent Assessor and Project Trainer in territorial development programs in Turkey realized with the financial support of European Union. 

She worked as the Head of the Program Management Unit in the Development Agency of Izmir, the first regional development agency in Turkey, where she played an important role in the institution building activities, as well as in the establishment of “a pilot model” for the management of development programs in Turkey. 

She worked as the team leader for many projects of architectural restoration and urban conservation realized in different regions of Turkey. She has several publications on the conservation and management of cultural and urban heritage. 


Ilaria Venturini Fendi

As a designer at her family’s firm she was enjoying a successful and rewarding career. In 2004 she radically changed her lifestyle, leaving fashion for organic farming. Immediately after buying the farm, she started with great determination and perseverance its conversion to organic. A careful study of the area’s morphology and climate provided the guidelines for the conservative restoration of various rural buildings, many of which in ruins.

She took up fashion again in 2006 but with a completely different approach. Carmina Campus became her own brand of accessories and home furnishings made of reclaimed materials with high quality design. The name echoes the Latin translation of “chants of the fields” and is a clear reference to her feelings towards nature and her farm I Casali del Pino, where she placed the brand’s atelier and office.

Ilaria shares with BAU International Academy of Rome the mission to train a new generation of creative people able to design products with a distinctive personality and apply a hands-on awareness of business life practices such as innovation, sustainable development, change management and social entrepreneurship. Ilaria and BAU have chosen to do this in Rome, the only city and neighborhood which still offer the possibility to experience the atmosphere of the “Italian bottega” and the best examples of craftsmanship, haute couture and innovation that make so appreciated and unique the Made in Italy brand in the world.


Joe Santangelo


Joe Santangelo is currently the Head of Development for Foreign Markets at Petroltecnica S.p.A. (Italian oil and gas solutions provider) and Vice President of MPT S.p.A, Turkish joint venture company based in Istanbul. As Manager of Business Development, Mr. Santangelo has trained his Turkish and Italian sales team in the following areas: Global Management, Strategic Management, Market Assessment and Benchmarking, Sales Management, Decision Making, Cross-Cultural Negotiations, International Commercial Law. From 2009 to 2011 he was National Sales Director at ATS Mobility – ZEAG AG, a Swiss company with establishments in Italy.

Being responsible for the Parking Systems Business unit, he developed and executed for the Swiss headquarters and its suppliers, the 5 years company growth plan, including the training of the entire sales force. Before then, from 1997 up to 2009, he was responsible for the Parking Business unit of AJ Mobility and Siemens AG in Italy. As National Sales Director he developed and coordinated the implementation of strategies aimed at meeting the annual sales/profitability targets, maintaining knowledge of market trends, customer requirements, competitor actions, and customer base as well as assisting in developing new products and services and revising the existing ones, for business growth.

In 2016, Joe Santangelo published his first academic book: “EXPORT MANAGEMENT – An Enterprise Internationalization’s Manual” – Bonfirraro Editore – Catania/ITA. A second book is completed and will be issued within spring 2017: “GML: Global Management Lectures”.


Luca Curci


He is an Italian artist, architect and designer, graduated in Architecture at the University of Camerino, Italy. In 2006, he founded the architecture firm which has realized several projects of residential buildings, private houses, villas, restaurants and stores. In 2007 he realized the detailed design of a footbridge built on the river Seine in Paris and in 2011 he designed and realized different Apple stores in Italy. In 2012, he designed the “Tipico Italiano Fast Food Restaurant” European franchising and “Five Senses Design Hotel”, an exclusive five-room hotel based on the five senses’ theme. 

In all his projects he focuses his attention in the selection of the furniture and in the architectural composition, working with the most important companies of Made in Italy design like B&B Italia, Moroso, Foscarini, Artemide, Alessi, Gessi, Zazzeri, Bisazza, Rimadesio e many others.

With the projects “Organic Cities” (2013), “Desert Cities” (2014) and “Vertical City” (2015), designed for the Middle East Area and published on the most important international magazines, he deals with the theme of environmental planning and architecture sustainability, suggesting new possibilities for the sustainable development of architecture in contemporary times and in the future.

In 2001, he founded International ArtExpo, an independent group of artists, which realized more than 120 international contemporary art events in more than 60 venues all over the world. In 2004 he founded "It’s Liquid Group", a communication platform with over 200.000 subscribers dedicated to art, architecture and design. 


Luca Romano

Luca Romano is an executive manager, author and professor with international consulting experience in Project, Program, Portfolio management, Organization and Training. In these fields he has more than 20 years of experience as Practice Manager and Project Director managing consulting projects for international consulting firms in several sectors. He is Professor and Lecturer in many EU Universities and Business Schools, teaching Project/Program/Portfolio Management, Operations Management and Strategic Planning. Since 2012 is a Project Management Institute (PMI) International Congress Speaker presenting numerous researches and case studies on Project Portfolio Management. He is also author of several articles on Strategic Management, Portfolio and Project Management. Since 2016 he is Director of Professional Development at PMI Central Italy Chapter.


Luigi Cecinelli


  • 2013 NIENTE PUÒ FERMARCI - Director/Screenwriter - AngelikaVision, Rai Cinema
  • 2006 VISIONS (feature film) - Director/Producer - Baker Pictures, Cydonia
  • 2002 HOLLOW (short) - Director/Producer - Digital Desk
  • 2001 ODD THIEVES (short) - Author/Director - UCLA Undergraduate
  • 2000 INVITO A CENA (short) - Author/Director - Barto Films
  • 1996 NIGHTWATCH (short) - Author/Director - Midnight Ent.


  • 2008 F. MANNOIA "IO POSSO DIRE LA MIA SUGLI UOMINI" - Director - Baker Pictures
  • 2008 TRICARICO "VITA TRANQUILLA" - Director - Zerosei Multimedia
  • 2008 F. MANNOIA "IO CHE AMO SOLO TE" - Director - Baker Pictures
  • 2005 SCIALPI "JE T’AIME MOI NON PLUS" - Director - Baker Pictures
  • 2001 O.D.M. "YOU KILL ME" - Director - Gamma Pop


  • 2010 EUCERIN - Director - Publitalia
  • 2009 AMBRE - Director - Publitalia
  • 2009 DIRITTI DELL’INFANZIA - Director - One More 
  • 2008 GXT "ARRIVANO I FILM" - Director - Baker Pictures


  • 2014 RS-33 (pilota) - Director/Author - Baker Pictures
  • 2005 DAGO & FLASH (pilota) - Director - Baker Pictures           
  • 2003 HI GUYS (pilota ) - Director - Baker, Media Form
  • 2001 MONDO A COLORI (1 stagione) - Director - RAI 2
  • 2000 DISTRETTO DI POLIZIA - Director's Assistant - Mediaset
  • 1997 MITZUMETE NIGHT - Executive Producer - Watanabe Kikaku


  • 1997 ZAPPING - Director - Teatro Manzoni, Roma
  • 1995 STEPHANUS - Director - Piccolo Teatro, Milano
  • 1994 THE COMEDY OF ERRORS - Director/Compositor - Auditorium Alighieri, Lt
  • 1993 TEATRO DA CAMERA - Director/Adaptation - Auditorium Alighieri, Lt
  • 1992 ESOPO - Director/Adaptation - Teatro D’Annunzio, Lt
  • 1992 VOLEVANO DIRE SÌ - Director/Adaptation - Teatro D’Annunzio, Lt
  • 2015 UN BICCHIERE DI TROPPO - Director/Author - Teatro Porta Portese


  • 2016 SPOT STANLEY BET ENADA - Director/Producer - Baker Pictures
  • 2005 CIELO GIOIELLI - Director/Producer - Baker Pictures
  • 2005 SPOT FILAS - Director/Producer - Baker Pictures
  • 2005 SPOT REGIONE PIEMONTE - Director/Producer - Baker Pictures



UCLA courses:



  • Collaboration with Global Vision Group L.t.d. as Director for commercials and documentaries


  • Collaboration with a S.r.l. company as for commercials and documentaries


Marco Casini


Environmental Engineer and PhD in Environmental Engineering. Tenured Professor of Architecture Technology and of Environmental Certification of Buildings at University of Rome “La Sapienza” – Faculty of Architecture. Expert on green buildings and energy efficiency of buildings, he carries out its research activities at Department of Planning, Design and Architecture Technology (PDTA) of University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He is scientific Director of the Editorial board of the Journal “Ponte”, Italian scientific Journal on Building Sectors and is the author of many papers for scientific journals. 


Mariangela Salafia


(Naples – 1979) She is an expert of integrated marketing communication. Graduated in Economic Sociology (2003) at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, in 2005 she earned an MBA at the European School of Economics, with specialization in International Marketing, and in 2010 she completed at UCLA a certificate in Digital Communication, PR and Branding strategies. 

Dynamic and with an unstoppable entrepreneurial approach, she started her consulting career when still studying at the university.After the MBA she joined the AEFFE group in NY working for a short period time in the Haute Couture industry and, back to Rome, she worked in the international marketing department and student counselling of a local business school. 

In Morris, Casini & Partners a few years later, as President PA and Business Development Manager, Mariangela explored the most diverse business types, from politics to movies rights, from small start-ups to merger and acquisition of international companies such as BIM distributions, BIC Lazio, Circuito Cinema, Engineering SPA, Festival Jazz Roma, Medusa SPA, Morris Investments Ltd, RAI, Rai Cinema. Since 2009, Mariangela has also been working as an independent consultant. Some of her most loyal customers are B5 Productions, Associazione B5, Angelo Mai Altrove, Postepay, Poste Italiane, Rai1, Sinapsi@work, Galleria Christian Stein, Officina B5. 

Always very fond of art and luxury she is currently representing and promoting over 50 contemporary artists and illustrators, being the president of B17 Illustrations, web-agency and gallery located in the most renowned creative district of Rome, Trastevere. 


Paola Duval


Graduated in Law, with a focus on Finance and Economics, at University of Rome “La Sapienza” and specialized in Military Justice at CEIDA and in Global Business Environment at the ADR Center of Rome – University of Rome “La Sapienza”, in collaboration with the Hamline University School of Law. Since 2008 Paola has been leader of her own Law firm, “PSD Avvocati”, dealing mainly with international law, ADR and arbitration, military justice, immigration, animal rights and environmental law matters. 

Paola is an expert of energy law from renewable sources and provides legal advice regarding the development, construction and implementation of energy plants in compliance with the Italian law and EU standards. 


Paola Vee


She is specialized in marketing and communication, with 20 years professional experience; now she is Publisher of Les Cahiers Fashion Marketing. 

After a two years of experimental research in the field of mass communications, Paola graduated with honour in 1993 with Professor Carlo Sartori. In 1996 she worked as a Consultant at Italmedia Consulting, one of the finest analysis labs in Internet, Communications, Telecommunications and Broadcasting, where she assisted professor Augusto Preta. 

She co-authored many research works, cited by the most authoritative Italian and foreign press, including Il Sole 24 Ore and the Financial Times newspapers. 

In 2001 she accepted the offer of Mecalux and Accenture to start all operations in Italy for the launch of the portal Logismarket (Logistic). From 2004 to 2007, she was the head of marketing for Continental Europe at Leeside (fashion). In 2007 she founded Atovee, where since 2010 she runs the activities of the company and head of one of the most important Fashion Blog Observatories in Europe. 

Among her publications and research works: P.Vee, M.T. Moschillo, M. Bisognin, Nulla è come sembra. Fenomenologia della comunicazione della moda 3.0, 2015, P. Vee, La programmazione della fiction Tv nelle principali reti nazionali nel 1997, Rapporto Italmedia, 1998,  A. Preta, P. Vee, L’impatto dell’analogico nello sviluppo della Tv digitale, ricerca realizzata per Rai – Radiotelevisione Italiana, 1998, A. Preta, G. Foschi, P. Vee, La Tv digitale in Europa, ricerca realizzata per Telecom Italia, 1998, P. Vee, Il futuro digitale in Giappone, 1997, P. Vee, Il mercato della pubblicità su Internet, 1997, A. Preta, P. Vee, Intrattenimento leggero in Italia nel 1995, Rapporto Italmedia, 1996, A. Preta, P. Vee, La fiction televisiva in Italia nel 1995, Rapporto Italmedia, 1996. 


Paolo Quattrocchi


He is a specialist in Commercial and Corporate Law, graduated in Law at University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 1979. 

At present time he is a partner and co-founder at Nctm Studio Legale in Rome, co-chair of Nctm’s International Desk, with special focus on relationships with Canada, Israel, Poland, Serbia and Turkey, and also Nctm’s Coordinator for the Master on Foreign Trade and Internationalization – CEIDIM. 

Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce Canada – West, Representative of FY International for Italy, in the past he was a member of Tavolo Canada (a permanent advisory committee set up under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy) and worked as a consultant for the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri. He was organizer, chairman and speaker of more than 70 International Conferences in the fields of international collaboration. 

He published the articles:  “More fiscal incentives for new hires” (Il Sole 24 Ore – “Speciale Serbia”, 14 August, 2014), “Open Doors, But Only for Qualified Employees” (Il Sole 24 Ore, 10 October, 2013), “All Spotlights are Directed on Turkey” (Ship2Shore, 12 March, 2012), “Ontario Concentrates its Efforts on Green” (Il Sole 24 Ore, 6 December, 2010). 

He was interviewed on: “USA, Canada and Europe are now closer” (14 January, 2016), “The Turkish Legal System”, on Class CNBC TV Broadcast Colombo (31 October, 2013), “Netwoуrk Contract” published in Roman Builders (no. 3\4 March April 2013), “Business Opportunities in Brazil” on Class CNBC TV Broadcast Colombo (24 May, 2013), “The Energy of Canada for SMEs”, published in Il Sole 24 Ore (26 September, 2012), “Quebec Calls Italy”, published in Milano Finanza (14 July, 2012), “Law Firms Stake Everything on Ankara and Istanbul”, published in Italia Oggi Sette (11 June, 2012), “Is Turkey the Gateway to the Mediterranean?”, published in Italia Oggi Sette (28 February, 2011). 


Paolo Zagami


Graduated from the Law School of the University of Rome “LUISS Guido Carli”, he completed his legal competences receiving his LLM degree from the “New York Law School”.

Used to live between Rome, London and New York, Paolo is a member of the Italian Bar almost from 10 years. From 2013, he is registered as English Solicitor and also entitled to exercise over all the Europe as European Lawyer registered at the “Solicitor Regulation Authority”. Finally he is in process to be admitted to practice in the State of New York as Foreign Legal Consultant. 

Founder and main partner of the International Law Firm “Zagamilaw”. He is the only Italian Lawyer recommended by the US Embassy in Rome and by the Italian Consulate in New York and takes care especially of international private law and so of all the legal issue regarding relationships between individuals and companies parts of different legal systems. He has also the role of President of American Chamber of Commerce for Calabria Region. 

He is professor of Commercial Law at the University “Mediterranea”, chairman of the Scientific Committee of the “Cesdi – Centre for International Private Law” and vice president of the Association “European Lawyers Events”. Author of numerous publications on legal and economic journals in Italian and English language, including the manual “L’Impresa Internazionale tra Paesi di Common Law e MIST”, published already, and the book “L’Impresa Internazionale nei Paradisi Fiscali” in press. 


Raffaella Arista

Raffaella Arista is a senior partner and the head of the Rome office of Studio Legale Improda – Avvocati Associati, a law firm with branches in Rome, Milan, Turin, Treviso and Genoa. 

She is a lawyer specialized in Intellectual Property Rights with long experience on litigation and contracts . Main fields: Trademark, Design, Copyright, Software, Customs. 

Raffaella was a Member of the Bureau of AIPPI International (Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) from 2014 to 2016 and she has been a member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Group of AIPPI since 2005. 

As an expert of the subject, she is invited as speaker at conferences, seminars and workshops and teaches Intellectual Property Law at several academic institutions in Rome, including BAU International Academy of Rome, LUISS University of Rome, within the Master “Innovation and Competition” and Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) within the course “Fashion Design”.

Among her publications: “Il franchising di servizi” in “Know How e professionalità: la distribuzione dei servizi nei sistemi a rete”, Ed.IlSole 24 Ore ed. Exit 1, 2005; 

“Border measures at the National Level, Italian Chapter” in Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Through Border Measures, Ed.Oxford University Press, 2006 (First Edition) e 2012 (Second Edition). 


Riccardo Antonelli


Graduated in Political Sciences at University of Rome “La Sapienza” and holds a Master in Corporate Communication at the Accademia Nazionale Comunicazione e Immagine. He is an expert trainer and qualified designer of programs focused on Marketing, Communication, Business Presentations, Sales and Soft Skills at Eyes Italia and Director of the Master in Marketing, Web Communication and Social Media at Ateneo Impresa.

His audience includes national and international postgraduate students as well as staff and managers of companies such as Almaviva (telemarketing), Flightcare (airport services and handling), Haupt-Pharma (pharmaceutical), GSE (Gas & Energy), Selex (ICT). Riccardo has been always active in the HR & Training sector, working with institutions and non-profit organizations supporting projects, start-ups and ventures aimed to create new professional and educational opportunities for the young people. 


Roberto Cherubini


Professor of Architecture and Town design at the Faculty of Architecture of Sapienza University since 1993, director of the International Master for Advanced Studies on Project Management of complex Architecture since 2010 and leader of cooperation programs with many International Universities all over the globe, Roberto founded in 1999 CSIAA, think tank for architecture, urban and landscape design. 

His scientific and design interest are focused on architectural quality and environmental sustainability of urban sites in transformation and besides publications like “Never_ending_city”, Orienta, Rome (2011), “Landmarks/Lakemarks”, Palombi, Rome (2007), “CSIAA_Docks Reloaded”, Palombi, Rome (2007), “Cinque progetti sul futuro dell’Expo”, Artefatto, Rome (2001), “Sull’orlo del precipizio. Architettura della geocompatibilità” Diagonale, Rome (1999). 

He is columnist of the architectural review “Metamorfosi quaderni di Architettura” in Rome. 


Serena De Palma


Graduated in Comparative Law at University of Rome “La Sapienza”, she is an expert of international law, as legal counsel for a variety of multinational and international companies such as Siemens, Acatel and Polimeri Europa (ENI Group), lecturer of Comparative Legal English At the University of Bergamo, lawyer at Iusgate Law Firm, with a specialization in drafting and negotiating international commercial contracts and dealing with corporate law and contractual disputes resolution. 

Serena is also partner and teacher at SLIG Education, School of Law International Group, based in London and in Italy, providing legal English courses designed for Italian legal professionals in the areas of contract and company law, dispute resolution, real property law, trusts, successions.

With Filodiritto Editore in 2012 she published a legal English Dictionary (EN-IT, IT-EN) containing more than 1.420 terms and expressions, and since 2009 she’s been writing articles about comparative law, international contracts and corporate matters.